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Foreign boyfriends VS Chinese boyfriends [Copy link] 中文

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its hard to say.

i hate it when people are so materialistic and say the reason they want a foreigner boyfriend is because 1) white guys are more good-looking 2) they are richer? 3) they want mix babies.
i personally know alot of Asian girls who date white guys. some of those relationship turn out to be diaster. They guy cheated on them, played them, used them. I really think it's one's own prefences to choose the background of their boyfriend. I agree that some chinese girls wants white guys because it's fresh, new, and 'cooler'. But people must know that inter-raical relationship are harder cuz they have to go through many more things together.
Personally i enjoy having a chinese boyfriend because we share so much in common and it's so fun to be with each other.......................

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Man, this is a very long string, I can't beleive i spent half an hour reading it

Well, since this is my first post, i would like to say hello to all.

Its an interesting topic, and all of you that came before me compelled me to sign up an account and give my two bits about this subject.

I am an indian boy born in fiji islands living in Canada and dating a chinese girl who is from the caribbeans. Amazing mix.... I bet our kids are going to be hot. lol Well I just wanted to say that I am love with this girl that I am going to marry one day. We have been together for three years now, and its true, every time walk into a chinese resturant.. everyones eyes are on us and its same with the indians... everything we go to a indian resturant or a gettogether ... its amazing.. it feels like this world hasn't see thing before. kinda crazy.. it doesn't bother us though but people make it seem like, its forbidden fruit.

We are just heading off to beijing in the next couple of days with a few other friends and I thought I would check out and follow up on things happening in beijing and there it was ... a  long string about what it is about intermix relationship.  It is better for me to date a chinese girl or should I be going out with a indian girl.. My mom alway wanted an indian bride.  But i must say, its not the color or who is cuter or one cheats more then the other, its the feeling. Do you feel for each other, is there love between each other. Sure many date for money, hey I work for money, so i don't complain and I work darn hard and long to take away my peice of the pie.

But i think in todays world... most people have relationship for fun, they themselves don't know where its leading.... not true in all relationship but most are like that.   True love is disappearing.  

Relationship has become an object for gain. What do I gain out of it.. is the guy rich, is the girl hot, can i get sex, can i get a promotion.

In the mist of all, somewhere some places out of the rare, there are relationships.. like mine which I beleive in, where, when i see my love, i don't see color, I don't see yellow skin verus brown skin. I don't see culture barrier, I don't see language bairrer. I seee only one thing, that is joy in my heart everytime she is in front of me.

Though we fight and make up and love and share all the good with the bad. We are in love and one day I hope that everyone will be able to say that about their relationship.

thats all I gotta say.
comments, you can sent it to
I don't usually read up on bboards, but definately will try.. to see what everyone has to say bout my comments..

Just another guy from the mist of confusion.

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