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Should begging be banned on subways?[1]- [Copy link] 中文

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LeonardWong Post time: 2015-5-15 21:25
Begging should be banned. No exceptions. There is social assistance in China. It spoils the image of ...

I think you mean "busking" and not basking. Basking is best done on a sunny beach. Busking by street musicians can add colour and culture to dull urban settings, such as listening to traditional Chinese instruments rather than having your ears glued to a smartphone.

I disagree with all of the comments here. I think that begging is fine, I have witnessed it happening almost everywhere in China so if I think I might be "forced" to give something to a beggar then I equip myself with a good few "fen" to donate to them. I am sure that the subways of Beijing are far too crowded for any beggar to waste time trying to force a single person to give them money when there are usually many hundreds of others streaming by.

If the beggar is obviously disabled such as missing an arm or a leg, then I don't mind being much more generous: "there but for the grace of God go I". The only practice which I abhor is when people use young kids to beg with them, such as laying them out on cold footpaths to generate symparthy from passersby. I know that most Chinese dislike beggars because they feel that they should try to find gainful employment, but this ignores the fact of major unemployment in many parts of China and the dearth of a proper social security safety net to provide for the welfare of such very poor people.  

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Yes, begging should be banned. The main reason being that begging doesn't solve any problems since it is not sustainable. However this is only because a country should have the social system capable of meeting basic needs of its citizens - thus removing the need for begging as a way of life.

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To many work shy lazy people are turning to begging as a way of making a living, and this is what irritates me. Time after time I am confronted by boys or girls asking for money whilst their 'young' parents look on !!!
I was told when I arrived in china yrs ago never to give these people money, because they can find a low skilled job anytime they want.....
why work in a factory 40 yrs a week when you can sit on ya backside playing music or exploiting your kid to make more money!!
The old/handicapped people who beg do deserve our help though, and I will often help them
if you want something in life get off your backside, and do it yourself!! don't rely on others to do it for you

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