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How to develop our potential ability of the brain? [Copy link] 中文

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When I was in teen-age, I used to listen to radio-broadcasting. Once upon a time, the radio said: “Human has two-hundred-million cells for the brain. And only two percents of them are working even you are in the excitement while the remaining most part of them are sleeping!”

----------IN this sense, everyone of us should have great potential power that needs us to developIs it possible for you to work with three percents of your brain and wisdom? If so, you would be surprised by your own work efficiency and maybe you would become hero in your field!

-----------It would be really silly if you say “I am too stupid for something!”

So, be confident that we are fit for our goal

Do you believe my words? ---------please leave your comment!

Childish pure  mindset can simplify your life which let you live in a light way! Without man-made troubles you will work in high efficiency!

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As an educator, I have a long and deep interest in the brain and learning processes.

The potential of the brain is without limit.  It is not limited by the hundreds of millions of cells.  Learning is done by forming neural pathways.  These are connections among the brain cells.   

Consider as an analogy, the English alphabet has 26 letters.  The number of words that could potentially be formed by combining these 26 letters in different ways is over 150 trillion, according to my calculator.  That is with only 26 elements.  Imagine how many potential combinations could be formed with hundreds of millions of elements (your brain cells).

The way that neural pathways are formed is analogous to walking through a grassy field and trampling down a path in the tall grass.  If you do it once, the grass will soon rise up again as though you were never there.  If you walk through the same path several times, the grass will stay down.  If you do it many times, a dirt path will form.  What this means is that practice, repetition and reinforcement are necessary to learn a new skill.

As a teacher for decades, I have observed a difference in speed among learners.  Some people learn faster than others and that gives them an advantage.  But the speed of learning is not the same as degree of intelligence.  Einstein, in fact, was such a slow learner that he was considered mentally handicapped as a child.  No one can say "I am too stupid for something."  The most they could say is "It would take me a lot of time to learn this."  This is my honest observation after years of teaching.

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However, there are factors that interfere with the brain's ability to learn and thus, in effect, create stupidity.  

The most important factor that interferes with learning is stress. Stress produces chemicals that interfere with the brain's ability to think.  

Stress also inhibits creativity. Biologically, stress is a reaction to danger and an organism that is stressed can only think about its present situation, not let its imagination fly to other possibilities.

Education is more effective when the learner is relaxed and enjoying what they are learning.

Students who say "I'm too stupid to learn this," in my experience, are students whose brains have become "frozen" by stress.  Every time they see that thing, it triggers the brain to "freeze" again.  

Then they tell themselves that they are just stupid. And every time they say this to themselves, they are reinforcing the neural pathways of "believing I am stupid."  And that will always be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I specialized in tutoring students who thought they were stupid because they were not learning in school.  The first thing I had to do was to help them relax (I had a little dog who did tricks, which always relaxed them!) and the second thing I had to do was to change their belief about themselves and help them realize that they were actually very intelligent.

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I'm a sociologist and writer. I have published books, such as "Rota de fuga, a história não conta ...

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