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do u think Shanghai people are very narrow-minded? [Copy link] 中文

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I think people who come to a conclusion so easily are very narrow-minded

This is not a brand new topic at all.

Some guys have heard of something from others...truth or not they don't know, neither does they care...they have already had an assumption...long time even before they set foot on Shanghai...that "Shanghai people are snobbish and shrewed" they come...several days later they leave...

Though they never went three miles away from the hotels, though they stuggled to understand only 1 or 2 words of Shanghai dialect. They alrealy got the feeling that they know Shanghai people enough, or, at least they call it the majority of Shanghai people...

I call those people narrow-minded.

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self-righteous hypocrisy among the non-Shanghainese

>>Generally speaking, Shanghainese are snobbery , shrewd and pro-Westernized. This phenomenon is prevalent among young adults.For one thing, they do not like people speaking in Putonghua, regarding them as untouchables. They may think Taiwanese and/or Cantonese as their equals. I wish they would put themselves in proportion to the cosmopolitan city where they live and don't be so self-contented.<<

Why do we have to speak Putonghua?  Why don't you get your own snobbiness out of your a$$.   Do we Shanghainese force our dialect upon you?  No.  Then respect other's unique identities and cultures.  OK?  And we never think Taiwanese or Cantonese as our equal.  China is a big country, with many different peoples.  Generalize less and be more willing to accept the differences of others.  Until then, you have no right to call the Shanghainese "narrow-minded."  

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i am outlander  working in shanghai,

The only thing impressed me so deeply :

Native shanghai women are sooooooooooo  shrew
Native shanghai  men are soooooooooooooo effeminate

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Uncivilised Tourists from China

People from China are the worst tourists in the World!! They have no understanding on the culture of other countries and they have no intention to respect the lifestyle of people in other countries. They are the most selfish tourists and do not considerate the feeling of the citizens of the countries. They do whatever they want to, talking loudly in quiet places, crowded in the passageways with no intention that they are blocking the ways, squatting anywhere, anytime they like on the streets, spitting whenever they want to, disregard all signage and regulation on public transportation, push their ways through without considering other users on the road.  China must teach their citizens the basic protocol when travelling aboard. Stop letting those uncivilised citizens to destroy the peace and harmony of other countries . They even destroy the tour spots of other countries, seriously affect the right of other tourist to enjoy the scenery. No one welcome people from China as long as they are so uncivilised. “All People from China are all like this, shame” is the common comments from the world. We do not welcome people from China. Teach your citizens or we will never welcome them to visit our place!!!

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claire has been deleted
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To Angelheart

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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Claire, plz don't bother with people like Mangled Heart :)

Hi Claire,
People like Mangled Heart has very, very low IQ. Actually they're incapable of comprehending plain simple English. Hence, they'll do all the wrong things, such as posting into a wrong thread.
You see, when he was a kid and when his mum told him not to hold his pacifier in his mouth during feeding time, he'd promptly removed his hand but leave the pacifier in the mouth.
And when he has outgrown adolescence into retarded manhood, he'd visit the Internet bars and be fascinated by younger kids enjoying themselves. So, he'd ask a very young kid how to switch on the computer and where to click the little arrow on the monitor screen before merrily typing away what he thought was a "cool" message. And hey presto! an Internet weirdo was born :)

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not the truth thoroughly!

of course.we all know that many people who live in china from east to west have different is also the truth as the foreigner. so we should learn the customer when we go to another people and share our interests.i think now shanghai has become an international city. its economy and culture are  we should say that we should be proud of shanghai for all of it.

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