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do u think Shanghai people are very narrow-minded? [Copy link] 中文

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no opinion

most of aboard students said :"when you left china, you love it, when you live in it , you hate it!" shanghai is just like it, when l left this city  I miss it, however when I  live in it, I  hate it!

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To kitty joy

Maybe you`re right.
But could you tell me when  you went to Shanghai last time,in 21century or  1970s?

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stop making FUSS over this

u r leaving the topic, this is a forum, not a classic novel. itz more convenient to type: u...  r .....wanna.......gonna......... and itz more live. if u don't like it, fine, no one force u to use these types, but u don't have to 'correct' the people who prefer this kind of typing.

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the last time i went to shanghai

is in 2002, is that satisfying to u?

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my opinion

I'm a fresh-hand here, and my english is very poor, so tell me if there is any mistake

I was born and grew up in a small city not far from Shanghai, in Jiangsu.  I lived in shanghai for just a week in a small alley, Xikang Road when i was 16 years old. That was not a pleasure living, and Shanghainese left a bad impression in my mind.

Now , I live in Nanjing. Frankly, shanghai is a world-graded city in China, as Hongkong. I haven't went to there for many years, Wish her become much gentler and more open-mind.

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In fact, some of Shanghai people are narrow-minded,but I wish most of them are g

I am a postgraduate from a  city in middle of China and nowadays I am studying in Shanghai. I find many Shanghaiese don't speak putonghua and I often am confused when they chat. Some of them treat people from other small cities unfriendly. When I go out by bus, conductors are specially snobbish and they speak dialect to curse countrymen. In supermakets or  toggeries, there are often many middle-aged women who discriminate countrymen. In fact , they always regard people from small cities as countrymen.  However I feel as long asI am talented, I don't consider other attitudes. I will work hard to change their opinons.
I still hope most of Shanghaiese are friendly.

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some people missed my points

i agree with some people. i agree that if u r really talented, in the long term, people will still respect u.

But what i was saying that, just being guests go to Shanghai, i am not goin to live in Shanghai, i m not goin to show my talent, shouldn't  people treat me with respect and understanding?

so some upstair people mean, if the person is not smart enough, well, letz treat him or her without respect and understanding. THAT IS NOT RIGHT OR HUMANE.

My point is , whatever the people are, weak or strong, Shanghai people should LEARN to respect others, that is the BASIS.

i say this for good. because the narrow-minded, shallow shanghai people decrease shanghai's beauty.

do u like to hear:" oh, shanghai is wonderful, but the peole are so bad"
"shanghai people are more lovely even than the city"
personally i still feel shanghai people are snobbish and shrewed. cos i only believe what i see. i have many friends from shanghai, and they all show these characteristics.

althought i don't have a good impression of it, still i want shanghai and all the cities of china are better and better.

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