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U.S. security officer charged with beating Chinese tourist. (Agencies) [Copy link] 中文

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They are so nice and polite(must be saying this with a sarcastic tone)

I do like the testicle chopping story.  Who said this was birth control???

Well, it does remind me of an american judge in the west(i htink), which is trying to enforce his brand of birth control.

Fathers that don't pay child support(u gotta pay for your child even if u divorce ur old lady) can go to jail, if and when they are caught and senetenced.

Well, this judge allows the men to either go to jail or get an vasectomy(he cuts thier nerds off).

This reminds me of the chinese officer abuse...oh, except one thing, there was no justice for the chinese man.

Again, I'm happy justice is being pursued for the young lady.  She'll probably even get a big check in the mail and a ticket to disney land.

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I am not sure what you were trying to say, you lost me.

The topic was the bashing of the innocent Chinese woman by the USA border Patrol officer.

Yes ?

Again please, you said what ?

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hate mongering crap!

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hate mongering crap!

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hate mongering

hate mongering

That is excatly what the USA does and the American do.

They are Hate Mongers.

From killing Africans to killing Arabs, through torture and shame, the USA fame for HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE grows day by day.

The latest in the long list of HUMAN RIGHTS abuse and HATE MONGERING is the bashing of the innocent Chinese women.

But this will not be the last HATE form the Americans, from the USA or from the western foreigners.

They have much more hate to follow.

Of this you can be sure, it is the nature of the western beast.

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Chineseyang's crap

Chineseyang wrote:
you are certainly legally illiterate. it's not my logic. it's the logic of law. are you abashing the law?? then give details please.
What does legally illiterate mean? I never heard this term before. People who speak English don't use this term.

Go back to school.

In canada, why canada, canadians also committed offence in china.
More Chinese commit crimes in Canada than Canadians in China.

do you understand proper english: stay on the topic.
He understands English better than you. You can't even spell properly! And he is on-topic.

You are talking about crimes. So is he.

You said ALL Americans are evil because of what ONE man did. So, that means ALL Chinese are evil because of what one Chinese man did, right?

do your ignorant brain happen to have the knowledge relating to the word "gravity", "circumstance" in which the offence is committed? you obviously don't. trashed you.

Your English does not make sense. Please correct it.

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people are just

damn stupid.

when human beings evolve past their own basic animal instincts and realize the truth of things. maybe then we wont have incidents like this. and they happen in all countries. not just america or china. all countries!!

people with some power sometimes lose their sense of self. and abuse it.

i've seen it in 5 countries.
It's  a cold world Blood. No mercy!

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