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U.S. security officer charged with beating Chinese tourist. (Agencies) [Copy link] 中文

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USA Mike

Please, what you wrote is lies.

Plus, how come, blackie writes about what the USA did to BASH an innocent Chinese woman and you TURN / TWIST /SPIN the brutal bashing by the American pretend cowboy into a Chinese problem.

Why is that and you ask in another thread how to stop people insulting " YOU "

Well simple USA Mike, you stop insulting us and we stop insulting you.

How is that " MATE ".

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jj, we are talkign about officer abuse

so I thought I was on topic.  But, I am also being courteous  enough to ask if you'd like me to post a new thread.  Also, I am talking about the american officer abuse, which is also part of blackie's original post.

I'm not insulting, I actually read an article like that.  I didn't make it up.  I'm asking you if justice was pursued in that case or other similar cases.  Justice is being pursued for the chinese women and the american officer, this is not a lie, but the truth.  He is not guilty, though there seems to be overwhelimg evidence that he is.  He is only guilty when convicted, not charged.  See, I'm not hiding anything.  If he is guilty he should spend time in prison.  I'm a big lover of locking people up, ya know???  I don't care if he is american.  If he broke the law, then he must face justice!!  If you won't answer my questions, then i'll post another thread, or just drop it.  I got a lot of work to do today, so you might get lucky and i'll probably not make a new thread.

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This is the most important story of the present.

American " MEN " beating up and bashing " INNOCENT " Chinese women.

Of course, a MAN to BASH any woman, ala the Japanese bashing Chinese women is gutless.

But for the American " MAN " to " BASH " an " INNOCENT " Chinese woman is horrific, even if she was guilty ( which she was not ) it would still have been a typical USA torture crime for which they are famous around the world at this time.

I think the American's have a very nasty breed of American loose all over the world, killing free people and bashing and torturing them.

It needs to stop.


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Geez any reason to bash America

I'm 100% sure that if found guilty that officer will face the full extent of the law.
Lady justice is not blind.

And not a single bone in my body disagrees.

on the hand, i think somebody posted that since this happened every chinese people should leave US and that it is a unlawful place.

Wow how did that get there... Shouldn't you look closer first, like outside?

There are tons more dirt like this in America, but i'm also sure that China has about the same...
of course, unless they are not being reported.
The fact that this whole incident is not being kept under wraps should already be seen as progress.

Geez you guys cry FOUL and's good that you realize that this happened but you should be more concerned about your own backyard or at least watch the "insults".

or whatever...

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crazyazn has been deleted
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So now Whole

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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crazyazn, you disgust me, you are Indian, why would you care.

Men beating up on women is wrong it stinks.

The USA with its HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE, stinks more.

Look at the face of the innocent Chinese woman that you think should not have an apology at least, before the 100 million dollar lawsuit.

You make me sick crazyazn.

You are a whole reason to take back our Island today.

You are a western running dog, you know it, I know it, we all know it.

You better be off that Island before we get there.

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Hey...relax guys...why is everything a national problem??

It's nice and simple this time. Bad and stupid man go to jail. End.


PS.If we are to use your logic we could say that, "all Chinese men are Cowards" and the government should apologize for it!. Why would I say that? Because I know of several instances of Chinese locals ganging up on foreigners in disputes that didn't involve them. Anywhere from from 5-500 people depending on the instance.
The U.S.government will apologize for this gross misconduct . To her and the embassy, I'm sure. If you think that The President should have anything to do with this, you are more deluded than anyone previously thought possible.

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