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How funny-How simply hilarious-The Free Speaking Americans- want what - [Copy link] 中文

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They want people who do not agree with them thrown off the Forum.

How nice.

How free this America is this USA of evil.

You are FREE to agree with me the American.

But if you DARE NOT agree with me, I will throw off.

How simple. How American

How nice.


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You are FREE to AGREE with me.

You will be thrown OFF the Forum if you do not.

Lovely sin't it.

These Americans, agree and be free or get thrown off.


How nice.

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I am American, you will agree with me, and be FREE.

However, should you DARE, to not agree with me the American, then you will not be FREE, you will be attacked and taken prisoner and disposed of.

How nice, how free, how American of you.



signed the United States of America.

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Hello, I am an American, I desire you to be FREE.

If you resist in any way to be FREE, I will kill you.

The USA wants all people to be FREE or they will kill you.

Lovely logic isn't it.


How sweet.

You will agree with me or you will be silenced.


How Nice these Americans are.


Dear Mike,

I do not agree with you.

I do not want or require or need your type of Free.

Now I must be muzzled is that right Mike.

Or thrown off Mike.

Which is it.



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Come on Americans, bring you FREE into here into this thread.

Is that what it means when you say.

" Give me Liberty or give me death "

That is what you meant didn't you.

" You will give me liberty (free) or you will give me DEATH.

That is after all the translation, right.

I will eat you FREE and choke on it or I will DIE, right.

Give me a break Americans, take your Hollywod lies to another place and get others to eat them.

I am on a American Lie free diet.

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The brave and the true.


I do not want to buy what you are selling America.

I do not want it.

So now what, throw me off the forum, because I will not buy your inferior culture or life.

or lies.

No American man, I do not want what you are selling.

Get out of my house and take your lies with you.

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Yes American western foreigner. You are big on TALK but short on the WALK.

You want to TALK the TALK then WALK the WALK American man.

You want who off this forum.

Who American man, yourself.


Your fellow sellers of lies


Other westerners.


Who exactly do you want off American man.

Those who do not agree with you.

" ME " perhaps.


He who does not agree with you, must be thrown off.

Nice American logic.

You make me sick.

More Sick than I was.

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