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Han: Listen to what elderly want [Copy link] 中文

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An elderly woman sits in a Shanghai park. The city has 3.9 million registered seniors
LISTEN more to the elderly when making policies on care for them, Shanghai Party Chief Han Zheng urged city officials yesterday.

The focus must be on what the elderly really need, rather than on facts and figures that neglect their requirements, Han said during a group discussion at the annual session of the Shanghai People’s Congress, the city’s legislative body.

The congress session ends today, while the session of the Shanghai Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the city’s political advisory body, ended yesterday.

“It’s not simply collecting some data and building several care homes, but taking seniors’ views into account,” Han told legislators and government officials.

He said some elderly residents have complicated feelings about being sent to senior care homes, seeing it as the final stop in their life.

And seeing fellow care home residents taken for emergency treatment and not returning also has a deep effect on many seniors, added Han.

“I’m wondering whether you can actually feel how the elderly think,” he said to legislators and officials.

But Han added that some requirements of many elderly people are quite simple — such as hoping the government will provide a cooked lunch for them.

Meanwhile, some elderly residents’ children have expressed a hope that the government could offer day care centers for their parents, and they would take them home at night, he added.

Han said he has met many of the city’s centenarians.

“Shanghai has more that 1,000 people over 100 years old and I’ve visited many of them to ask them their hopes,” Han said.

Han said he also asked their families the secret of such longevity.

“The basic rule is to keep a harmonious family and live happily with their children,” he said.

Shanghai has more than 3.9 million seniors among its registered residents and the figure is set to exceed 6 million by 2025, according to the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

By the end of this year, the number of people aged over 60 in the city is forecast to pass 4.3 million.

The city government will set up medical centers at all local senior care homes by 2017, Shanghai Vice Mayor Shi Guanghui told another meeting at the congress.

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Do most of the Chinese elderly live in nursing homes? That's terrible. Why aren't they at home with their adult children?

Is this a recent phenomenon, I can't imagine that it used to be like this.

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The elderly aren't a different's okay to wonder how dogs feel, but I don't think it's too hard to imagine how old people feel...I read somewhere that the Japanese elderly in nursing homes aren't given good haircuts but they are just cut and tied up or something. Of course it's going to make them feel worthless and useless....People are the same, age is irrelevant. It's like how you treat the young you think they don't know humiliation? They do too understand humiliation although they may not be able to verbalize it.

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I think nursing homes are a great way to take care of seniors whom can't take care of themselves. I also believe the adult children of such seniors should make time to visit their parents and take them on outtings if the time can be made to do so. I know when im old I wont want my son kicking around wasting his prime taking care of me and my wife. Seeing him once in awhile and chatting often will certainly be enough to expect from him
I am me and that is something you will never be, no matter how hard you try!!

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we all know what western family values are like. please keep both your child-rearing methods and how you take care of the elders in your family to yourself before you destroy asia too.

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casseopeia Post time: 2015-1-29 17:40
we all know what western family values are like. please keep both your child-rearing methods and how ...

I don't know where you get your information:
'western family values'?
which of over 200 other countries are you referring to because they are all different?
In my home country retired people are incredibly independent and value their ability to take care of themselves and lead active social lives, often taking part in further education and pursuing a wide variety of interests.
Their families don't use them as cheap child-raising alternatives and respect them to continue to be independent.
Retired people are visited regularly by family members - as often as possible, maybe receiving phone calls daily.
As a group, retired people take an active interest in social and political life, they receive many benefits from the government.
even when they are ill, they try to retain their independence, despite protests from their children.
Children will sooner have an infirm parent in their own home than in a senior care home, and make many sacrifices to achieve this.
if they require medical care, a nurse is hired to help in the home, unless hospital treatment is needed.
Even then, people will make time to be with their elderly parents as much as possible.

please don't make the common assumption that what you see on a 'foreign' entertainment program depicting life in another country is reality: it is not, it is entertainment.

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BlondeAmber Post time: 2015-1-29 23:37
I don't know where you get your information:
'western family values'?
which of over 200 other coun ...

No fools more troublesome than those that think they know it all.

And why don't you mention which home country is yours? If you don't mention it, all the details you gave are basically meaningless, because I have no idea what you're talking about.

But in any case it's irrelevant.

When I say western family values, I mean: children who are out of control, adult children suing their parents and vice versa, the thinking that old people are useless so they should be put aside into nursing homes, adult children who need to pay the rent in order to live in their parents home.

If your country doesn't fit such a description, then I'm not talking about you. So chill out.

Funny, you telling me not to assume stuff, yet you assume things about me. For your information, I don't assume things from the entertainment programs, because frankly I don't watch them. So you, please don't assume that I do such things.

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