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Science and Spirituality [Copy link] 中文

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Part One: Why Science is Not Enough

Humankind has evolved to a point of arrogance where we think we are the most intelligent species on the planet, because just look at everything we have conquered. We look at animals and somehow see them as less than us, and so we can kill them and dissect them for the benefit of our own species. Look at our technological advancement, and so we think we are better than our ancestors, those primitive people. Yet we can't explain how those primitive people built the pyramids or the Great Wall.
We think that if we can't prove it with science, then it's not real. But we live in a camouflage universe, where everything is an illusion. This much has been proven by quantum physics. So if everything is an illusion, then science can't give us the answers. Why not?

Well, if the scientific instruments which we use to probe the universe are a part of our camouflage reality, then the most that such intruments can give us can only be more information on the camouflage reality. To truly understand reality then, you must search within. You go into yourself to find the truth about the nature of reality. Because your inner self is not a part of this camouflage reality and thus can give you the answers that go beyond what our conscious mind knows.

So science can give us a better understanding of our camouflage world, but it can't ever explain to you the true nature of reality, because such reality is out of reach of science.

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Part Two: Why Spirituality is Important

So in our arrogance, we think we know it all, and that we are right. We know that we only have one life on Earth, because that's what we've been taught, and because we can't remember our past lives. Since we can't remember our past lives, then they didn't exist. Because according to science, we can only believe what we can see.

So we teach our kids that this is the only life we have, that money is important because it means success. We teach them that they must fight in order to win. We tell them that kindness is weakness and if you are kind, people will walk all over you. And then we wonder why the world is showing more and more selfish people, people who only think about themselves, because heck, if I'm not selfish and if I don't look after me, then I'm not going to make it. I need to get the newest gadgets so that I can show to the people around me that I am successful.

But then where does spirituality come in. Well, I can only say that people who know how to astral project (that is, leave their body) learn that this is not the only life we have. If you know that you are a spirit independent of the physical body, then your whole perspective of the world changes. Suddenly, it's not a dog-eat-dog world anymore. Suddenly, you see that there are more important things in life than the material things and material successes. You become more considerate for the people around you, because you realize that people are more important than things. They are spirits too, and we have journeying in common.

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