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(beast ex machina)

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lebeast Post time: 2015-1-5 18:10

Yes lebeast.

It's DM 2 again.

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billymillennium Post time: 2015-1-5 19:33
I just forewarned you too. Bruce Lee has my back, and I think you know why...
Clue; The "E" word. ...

A real man keeps his promises.

You said you were done with this thread.

What happened?  Your pimp called you away and you didn't like the client?

At 28, you should at least be able to write short, coherent paragraphs.

Taking remedial courses in English would be a rational choice for you at this point in your life.

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seneca Post time: 2015-1-5 20:46
In other words:

Flies, mosquitoes, bluebottles, centipeds, scorpions, wasps, termites are your  ...

You are missing the point again -- we aren't enumerating insects, we are talking about your concrete thoughts indicative of your psychosis.

Other than taking meds, you should think about receiving empirically-supported treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for your panic disorder (at the sight of wchao37, you panicked and started bedwetting, for instance) and it's also good for treating your obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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I wish I were this young.  He's even sporting a Kim Jr. haircut.

Thanks for the flattery, but really -- theatrics won't do you any good.  

I certainly hope you aren't stupid enough to believe your pimp has taught you enough skills to make you the Elliot Ness of CD.

What you have done here is nothing new in the last 11-12 years.

The content of my posts tell people I am who I am.

The content of your posts tell your pimp why your Hollywood clients keep on asking for their money back.

A blond who doesn't know how to write with his head doesn't know how to give head either.

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This post was edited by wchao37 at 2015-1-6 11:27
billymillennium Post time: 2015-1-6 11:06
who said Im in Hollywood?

I see.  So the address up there is just another one of your fakes.

No wonder lately you've been using the "F" word quite a bit -- fake this and fake that.

So this is just another incidence of PROJECTION at work -- you're imposing your own faking impulses onto others.  

Well, give it another day or two and you will make it to Hollywood, the Fake Capital of the world.                                            
Even Richard Gere did, although you certainly ain't the Pretty Woman Julia Roberts he's looking for.

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billymillennium Post time: 2015-1-6 11:53
Your creditability is gone on China Daily. Just like your Mississippi State University NCTTA yearboo ...

Back from my daily swim.

Oh you're simply too nice to worry about MY credibility.

Just concentrate on how YOUR credibility is on the line when your pimp fails to repay clients for your gross ineptitude.  

Remember, bobbing your head without swallowing is counted as lackluster performance, and is subject to a total refund.

If you believe your Dixieland educational system can produce a wchao37, I'm sure Obama must have gone there for law school too.

Evidently you have neither self-respect nor self-confidence, as you have demonstrated for all to see through your incoherent mumble jumble.

Don't even believe for a moment that you can compensate for your own feelings of inadequacy by making groundless accusations and puddingy identifications.

On this point neither I nor anyone in this forum can help you, and you do need psychiatric help pronto.

People are watching you and all they see is an unkempt, pretentious street-walker gesticulating as if you can be prettier than Julia Roberts.

You can't.

So long dude.  

Will your God have mercy on your grievous soul?

Mine won't.

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