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billymillennium Post time: 2015-1-5 11:34
Sorry, I guess me calling you an idiot would be an insult to all the stupid people.
Get a life…An ...

Billy the Sillyman:

You pick a fight with the wrong guy.  

First of all I notice you lie easily, or at least your pimp didn't give you enough money to buy a pair of glasses.

Never expected to see another dumb blond at the beginning of the year.

I never said I was the first VIP.  I seldom even noticed that title.  Show me where I ever said I was the first VIP.

You said you were going to visit China and had come here to understand more about the nation before you go.  

And yet I see that you're already a Senior Member, meaning that you have been doing your "research" about China for quite a while, and so that's another lie.

CM had many more dot-posts and he was far and away the one having the most posts.  My posts took a while to write, and his dot posts were exactly that - dot and then post.  I couldn't care less about titles.  All I cared about was the substance, not the hoopla.

No wonder you have trouble with the Chinese forumites here -- you've stayed as long as you did because you enjoyed picking fights.

Like I said, this place is like a net.  It catches all the misfits that congregate here during winter times.

It is a window into which any Chinese can take a look and understand how ugly that part of the world from which trailer-park misfits originate truly is.

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Hell refuses to accept Wacko. Even Hell has some maxiimum requirements that Wacko overfulfills.

I feel like a fly has entered my mouth just as I was going to sneeze ar-chooo --- better keep to your own harangues about Chinese children in parks, and stop making attempts at humor at inappropriate moments.

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This post was edited by wchao37 at 2015-1-5 14:04
It seems flies are the only organisms interested in you; if you washed your mouth and brushed your teeth even the flies will leave you alone...

Obviously psychopaths view things differently.

Flies entering one's mouth seldom if ever occurs unless it is a Z-fly, which obeys its own laws.

It is a metaphor describing how disgusting it is even to think about it.

One sign of psychopathic thinking is everything's reduced to concrete objects.

If I say you mf, he'll respond that he didn't do that to his mama last night.

If you say a rolling stone gathers no moss, he'll say there's no stones or moss in his neighborhood.

If you say Seneca your pants are on fire, he'll take it off in front of the ladies to show that it wasn't on fire, instead of saying, "I'm no liar."

More and more data since the first day that I started collecting examples of defense mechanisms on this guy: projection, reaction formation, repression, regression, displacement, denial, name it, he has it.

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And there ya have it folks, coming straight out of an old aged wchao37 pastime Chinese bigots mouth!
They say a mud pack is good for the complexion, I suggest you save it for your urn as I stated earlier.

Your pimp is knocking on your door.  

You mentioned an urn and he's got one for you, already predated for use within the year.

No need to be kekeqiqi.  I don't need an urn.

I'll just take a flight on Malaysian Airways when I decide time is up.

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he's deffently NOT Chinese
Dude, as I said earlier, "YOURE AN IDIOT" and even more is youre a Plagiarizing idiot by copying your own replies from one board onto other boards, leads one to wander where you copied the originals...

Oh and by the way grandpa crutched, your not making it through the filters...IDIOT!


You must be attending a private school giving you dictation tests everyday, making sure you'll never be able to spell any word correctly.

Your thinking process is patently confused -- jumping from one topic to another without any logical connection.  Maybe that's because blond Zs are like virgin grandmothers -- they just aren't available in a logical sequence.

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seneca Post time: 2015-1-4 19:19
Psst, Robber: "Doctor" Wacko is a Hong Kong-based Pakistani or Malaysian Muslim extremist. The F ...

And you're a Malaysian da bizi making $0.50 a post from the CIA to spread lies on Chinese websites.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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Im done with this silly thread and stop PMing me, welcome to my Bin.
Remember all I said to you; I have a long life to live and enjoy while yours has past shows your resentment on the youth which is why so many look down on you.

I just forewarned you never pick a fight with Bruce Lee or you're guaranteed to get hurt.

I don't want you to develop insomnia for the rest of the week, and so I've prepared a tonic ready to be shipped to you.

The name of the tonic is FAN-PI, and I hope your German friend can explain what that means for you.  IT'S NOT AVAILABLE IN ANY DRUGSTORE.  I guarantee it.

When you receive it, open the cap and IMMEDIATELY sniff the whole tonic in one breath.

Guaranteed to work, Sir!

And the best part of it is that it's free.

Yes, FREE!

You only have to pay for the Shipping and Handling to the amount of 99.99 RMB.  No dollars accepted.

Spread the word around if the tonic works wonders for I assure you it will.

Don't thank me.  

Thank your God.

It's made of natural ingredients under His direction.

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