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Are foreigners better? [Copy link] 中文

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so how much did you pay?

to get it enlarged
was it painful? does it make you feel like a man? does your b/f like it?

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This is a bit too much for me


Can we do normal? I have been married with my Chinese wife for 10 years. We both studied abroad and fell in love. No language barrier and cultural differences keep the relationship interesting. When we married we were both pennyless so money was not a factor.  Am I a loser? A pervert? If I see some old guy with a young girl then the only thing that is obvious is that both seem to have made a deal together. Either for the money or lust I know it is seldom love.
All these generalizations on this forum really starts me wondering about the writers' intellectual bagage.

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To WestDragon may be right with some westeners, but here I am representing a selective club of "Good Hearted western men" and I want to express my reasoning with you:

"Western men are in Asia only to acquire sex from Asian women. I really don't understand any other reasons why a white man would establish a relationship with someone who don't have any means of communication, culture, foods, customs, behavior and family values and establish a everlasting relationship. Why would a man change their lives completely to be surrounded by unfamiliar territory and culture? Answer, to solely satisfy their egotistic, perverted sex needs and fetishes."

False. I had other reasons to come to China. Many westeners come here looking for a cultural challenge, historical reasons (chinese parents) or other stuff (like me). As I matter of fact I came to China and I had a girlfriend from Ireland already for 4 years. Things did not work out but this is another story.

Now I would like you to talk to me in Chinese, so we can discuss confucious or Marxism theory. Come to me with the 35th article of the chinese constitution (if you care to read it) and you will sure see that some foreigners do understand the chinese culture quite well. 你明白马?

"Western men who are only interested in Asian women were a result of the Korean, Vietnam war where Asian women were used for sex, due to the availability and convenience. In a way, Asian women are used very much like the blacks during the slaveries in the 1940's and 50's, they are used, abused and taken advantage of by a superior race. This to me, is a form or racism."

False. There are as many Asian prostitutes as other countries. The difference is that the white man (like me) has come to Asian countries to take as much as possible. A american housewife can be as slave as a chinese prostitute, depending of which way you want to see it. This is not racism but respect. However I will give you that Chinese and other asians are misleaded into believe happiness is only outside their own country. I can tell you from my own experience that I live far better here than in my own country. And is not because of money, of course.

"Now with the internet widely available, Western and European men have more accessibly to pornography and men are now finding a need to go overseas to satisfy their fetishes and to exploit our women and use our country for their sex playgrounds."

Well this is true, so then why come here?

"Western men have the money power, therefore they can afford to travel overseas and have sex with as many women as possible, before they can return to their countries and brag about their experiences sleeping dozens of Asian women."

I think you haven't been to Beijing lately. I can personally introduce you a couple of Chinese friends with wealth beyond many of us' dreams. Trust me this is partially true. However, it is also true that westeners can lie better than Chinese and get more chinese girls. Too sad but true.

"Of course, not all western men are like but it seems to be the only reason why these men are in our country. Western women are not taking care of their men, so they go overseas to look for alternative sex slaves."

False. I prefer Chinese girls for their soft skin, their sense of family and sense of reality. A 20yo western girl thinks only about partying and a 20yo Chinese girl thinks more about education and future. Slaves? Not really. So far I have been cooking for all of my ex-girfriends.

"Before you even consider dating a western man, ask yourself this question; Is it love or is it lust? Is it really worth it? Why would you even consider dating a White man, when there are many many good Asian man who shares the same values and culture?"

Good point. But not only for Chinese. For everybody. However, as I say there are some white men with good intentions too. Don't think us too badly and do not stereotype us (or at least me!)

"This is not another racist post. It is only my personal opinion and concerns. If you feel that you have to defend yourself, please don't waste your time and web space."

I have time to waste...I am on holidays. But remember I expressed my oppinion too and I deeply respect yours.




2004-07-14 04:17

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