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Is job hopping good for career? [Copy link] 中文

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I think the key is are you happy in this company?Most of our time is working……

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A western pattern I have seen is entry level business managers, and also people beginning in marketing, can job hop for 5 to 10 years staying in each job for 0.5 to 1.0 years and receiving significant pay increases. The reason the pattern seems to work is the people for whom it is a successful path are quickly learning more about how to manage and market better. However, that path has a glass ceiling.

An alternate normal variation is in business consulting in which the pay exceeds the normal employee pay and benefit package. Experienced consultants normally are paid $200 to $300 per hour. However, the norm is to start as an employee in many vertical promotions which has the same pattern as job hopping, yet may be in one company, including consulting work which starts at $50 per hour. The fee increases with the experience and competence. A new staff member who works very well through half a dozen promotions from programming to management can see annual earnings increase from $20000 to $80000, however, a consultant with significant skills can from the same starting position start earning a few hundred thousand dollars per year within a few years of good work. The important ingredient is being allowed a chance to work, to show skills.

I started business consulting in 1990, however, was paid in rent instead of earnings, and was bullied into leaving for no reason and no return on investment. I won a bid to consult at St Mary's University in Halifax Canada, however, the hiring committee explained to me in 1990, I am a woman and therefore will be an employee working 6 hours per week instead of the 15 hours advertised. Let me repeat that for clarity. A university part-time job was advertized across campus at 15 hours per week. I won. I am female. So the job was cut down to 6 hours. So I took the work, spent a year automating it and refining it, then downsized it enough to bring the hours to zero, passed the menial work to the office front desk staff, and left. Again, my skill in work optimization and cost reduction was completely ignored and unpaid.

A variation on job hopping which makes sense and is suitable for many people is the combination of work and travel. For example, language teacher contracts are typically yearly agreements. If a person can create a nomadic lifestyle, alternately, leave things in a trusted and safe home, then a person can accept a year contract in a new location each year. It is a wonderful way to learn many languages and cultures, and to make friends. I wrote a blog entry on being paid to travel at

On the flip side, in some industries the policy of never hiring a job hopper makes sense. Bank and production oriented businesses rely on growth of the market relation and so invest in people who are normally paid for contribution, yet for whom the money is not the central issue.

Universities alone have a weird hiring pattern due to the tenure agreement. "What is tenure?" some may ask. A junior faculty without tenure can be fired without cause, which is wrong. A faculty with tenure almost certainly cannot be fired, regardless of how much good reason to dismiss a malicious or stupid faculty member could be clearly apparent to anyone. Abolishing tenure has been a popular idea among many people for many years. The argument against the abolishment of tenure put forward by faculty is the faculty say they want to feel safe in a cushy job before daring to do research.

In 1989, I asked why (s'(t))^2 doesn't equal s(t) s''(t) and I asked when to subtract versus when to differentiate in the Physics scenarios, in response to which, I was asked to leave Physics. I was in first year university without grades 11 or 12, and I was 19 years old. In 1990, I announced if is wrong, so I was asked to leave class and educate myself, paying tuition for the business contract of the degree, unsupervised. The Canadian attacks of 2008 that broke into promised safety since I escaped Canada with my life in 2004, opened with the false accusations, "Why won't you talk with us, with the ones who said go away and drop dead?"

See the imposed dilemma: talk to them thus be required to survive attempted murder as a student, since they need tenure before starting research, or believe in the need for tenure, therefore, don't talk to them, therefore, be attacked for not talking.

IE tenure is an unnecessary luxury in the system. I am teaching English and reading Physics and Chemistry in spare time. I distribute my scrap paper routinely. I distributed some scrap paper about Physics in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and in Beijing. I also mailed some to the United Nations and to Bruce Clayman in Vancouver area, Canada. I am happy in a balanced life without insane fights from any canadians, in which I do some research, some consulting and some teaching. Looking back on life, I prefer the canadian conversations would have worked, since had they worked, most of my alleged job hopping would have been understood and paid consulting instead. Staying in a position after the organization is built up, the relation with the market is reliable, is boring. Most interesting to me is the building phase of the business and the establishment of the market relation at its correct potential so the exchanges are all making sense.
Jennifer Han Zhenhao

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If the company was worth working for nobody would jump ship. Most places I know of the employer could care less about the majority of their employees. I believe I have heard the words, "A dime a dozen", spoken to many employees. It seems to me that companies that treat their employees like that are only worth a DIME A DOZEN...

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