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I know what insect Viktor grebbenikov used for his Cavity Structure Effect [Copy link] 中文

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The Chinese have have a proverb: "There is nothing new under the sun" and this is just one of those times.  I feel it should be common knowlege, but apparently it isn't.

For the first time I am talking about this specific thing and I chose this forum because I think its is appropriate for the exposition.

I'm not so much giving you the exacty insect that Viktor grebbenikov use to build his flying machine.  I'm not sure its even real, the theory is correct however.  Again its nothing really new.  Just something he found out from his own perspective.  

This would be a time to take careful notes.  Its so easy however you should be able to commit it to memory and then proceed to to do your own due dilligence.  Its not so much the species of insect, but what the insect eats and lives in.  

The ability for it to fly without using its wings is conferred from the WILLOW TREE*.  In chinese we call this FEI QI or flying qi and it is associated with the WILLOW.  Specifically the willow ring.  Willows have an important place in folklore and legend.

Think about it.  If FEI QI comes from the willow, specifically shooting through a willow ring, then it certainly explains how this type of insect can fly without using its wings.  Its not good enough for us scientifically, but here folklore and legend and science meet at opposite ends of the spectrum.

I bought a willow ring that is sold at pet stores for use in rabbit cages.  The first day I get one, the smallest one they offer.  In my dream I shot through the ring (astral projection) when I brought it forth in my dreamstate.  

I do dream yoga and it is a condition that you can only realisticily replicate something that you have actually touched.  This was all unintentional.  

So there is something to this willow ring as a type of target that helps one develop FEIQI.  And here we have Grebennikov's experiments.  Its so obvious that I dont understand why anyone didnt realize it before.

As far as a commentary on the website(s) about Viktor grebbenikov I will attempt to touch on a few things under the category of "nothing new under the sun".

One thing is the compressed carbon used in some of the Egpytian rods.  The kind used in welding are the highest grade and also the most expensive.  However, who invented smokeless incense?  

The author of the Westward journey, Tung Yueh.  So we have several types of "smokeless" moxa available for experimenting.  The thin type of smokeless joss incense is ideal for the experiments where one hangs from a thread inside a jar.

Also the large moxa sticks can be used for CSE experiments.  The telekinesis effect using a hanging pyramid leads us to a deeper understanding and respect for chinese paper lanterns.  Notice the striking resemblance to the bumps, ridges and shape of certain insect antenna!

Recall also that the ancients, before the iron age, before metal acupuncture needles, observed that there were preferred places on the human body for mosquito's to bite.  In fact needles were often described as "mosquito probiscuis".  You can in fact fit several low gauge inside your average sized hypodermic.

Lao tzu said: "You have everything you need to succeed".  Its a hard one to swallow but it seems correct in the sense that what you have around your home you can use to experiment with CSE.

*There seems to be some discrepancy between the Poplar and Willow.  Willow is said to not harm a vampire, but Poplar is referenced as being able to kill a western vampire when driven through the heart.  For this reason I'll refer to Poplar and Willow as seperate tree's which might have a similar correspondence.

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