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Please, try to have at least the minimum decency, for TRUTH in posts. [Copy link] 中文

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It never ever dawned on me

that sea cuccucumbers were something someone might eat. I look at things now with a whole different perspective -- my first thought or maybe even, my second, when meeting a new kind of critter, is to ask myself, now how would that taste, after preparation in the hands of a Chinese Chef?

Sorry, it is just my latest self revelation; I wanted to share it with someone.


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To J&J

Unlike other grateful and honest foreign guests in China, a foreign wolf (a wolf from Australia, to be specific) in sheep's disguise never stops deceiving the simpleminded and naive slave sheeps in the East and he doesn't hesitate to bite the hand of chinese people's that feeds him, spreading rumours about China and her people everywhere, in order to secure his material gains and position, he chimes in easily with the insecure profiteer in imposing obscurantist policy so as to tame and enslave all the sheeps of the east.

Those compassionate and intelligent  sheeps from the West see the wolf's true evil intentions and try to defend the distressful sheep in China against the injustice but only see the wolf in sheep's clothing drive a wedge between! This wolf is cunning enough to stir up mountains of hatred and distrust among the sheeps at one time. His goal is to brainwash all Chinese to be "chineseyang" , who is red-guard-like, 1900 (Yi-He-Quan) Boxers-like, racist-like,xenophobe-like,  ...and to exclude friends and rescuers from those in need. You know who I mean?

Dont you chairman/blackie lau/Judge & Jury/anti-devil/inquisition/anti-hanjian.......?

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Thos ,you cuisine pervert!!!

Dogs,see cucumbers - what other deviations will you reveal to us?
Can't you stick to some decent food, like me?
This below is Dobridan having his  basic food in Guandong.

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My reply with a picture is in the net. I hope it will appear later.
My edition: it has just appeared above.

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Deep fried

locust larvae -- very delicious! It has a remarkably large amount of tasty flesh -- Chinese chefs are amazing!!!

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Treachery and Treason are evil crimes all over the world.

Treachery and Treason in China are the worst crimes.

To sell your own Chinese for western trinkets and gifts is horrific.

The KOW TOW, China can never and will never again KOW TOW.

You wendy desire to KOW TOW for what present may be given to you.

That is HANJIAN wendy, and Treachery and Treason.

You sell out your own blood for what gifts or bribes can be given to you.

To sell ou another is an horrific crime, to sell out your own blood, is far far worse wendy.

You KOW TOW to the foreigners and you want China to KOW TOW to them, but she will not wendy and China will not go to the disgusting extremes you go to, to make these foreigners think they are right to subjegate China yet again.

Many times I have thought you were not Chinese, because your actions and your words are just too evil to be true, but you probably are and that is the shame of it.

Inferior people all the word over suffer from the same disease to sell out something of great value, because they themselves are of little value.

There will be no KOW TOW wendy, only from you and Hanjian similar to you, you eat drink and sleep western foreigner wendy, because you need and want to be one, you want to be just like them and you want them to want you and to love you and be your friend and for all that you will sell out your own country and your own people.

Treachery and Treason wendy.

There will be no Kow Tow.

And calling me chairman, probably makes you feel better, so I should remind the readers, that wendy spat in the face of the old man chairman, when he tried to help her, she used foul languange and worse in a thread long long ago.

wendy, is not exactly the most nice person to know.

Unless you want the Chinese to KOW TOW, unless you want the Chinese to beg to foreigners, unless you want the Chinese to forget her Island, unless you want the Chinese to forget Japanese torture, unless you want China to forget past treachery and treason at the hands of western foreigners, then wendy is the perfect person to know.

If you want to be sucked up to, if you want to be told how great you foreigners are and how superior you foreigners are, then wendy is the perfect choice, there is none better.

If you want to insult China, wendy will help you.
If you need to get in close and cause the most terrible harm to China, wendy will help you.

She is after all Hanjian and that is what Hanjian do.

There will be no KOW TOW wendy, in my life or yours.

You are placing a bet on the losing team wendy, the western foreigners will lose this contest and China will win.

China will ride high on the wave of the future, she is the wave of the future.

I can think of no lower act wendy, than to suck up to foreigners for some scraps they may throw to you as they pass.

I find every single post ever posted by you to contain endless treason and treachery against China and Chinese.

You make me sick and you are sick.

Shame on you, sick or not.

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You keep saying chairman, you all forced chairman off,

But as for me, well that is another matter.

TREACHERY and TREASON are truly evil crimes.

The CD is not the correct venue to practice treachery and or treason.

As you are an American / Thai, treason is not the correct term for you.

But treachery is.

You, as I have said a thousand times, are ignorant of the facts and you are very slim on truth, however you are fat on lies.

You know nothing of what you speak, you speak it, only to feed your inner thoughts of yourself as a modern day braveheart, when you are in fact a modern day black heart.


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