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Please, try to have at least the minimum decency, for TRUTH in posts. [Copy link] 中文

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no way

I don't think Blackie really belives his own BS, which is why I think he's trying to make foreignors hate China.  It's obvious from his English, that he's spent considerable time in the US, so he knows what it's like there.  Well, maybe he lived in a cave and never dealt with Americans.  But I'd find that hard to believe, given his excellent English.  I always thought Chairman's rants were a little more reasoned than Blackie's knee-jerk hatred of others.  Not sure they're the same person.  But I do agree Blackie's rants definitely give Chinese people a very bad image abroad, which is probably his intent.

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about blackie

um ... sorry, i didn't write clearly.  what i meant was that blackie/chairman doesn't believe what he writes exactly (no one would), but that he sincerely believes he's defending china.  

he is the same character as chairman.  if you look in the "WHY DID YOU DELETE CHAIRMAN???" post in free talk, you'll see the genesis of a lot of these "ghosts."  by the way, it was all hedan's idea.  chairman took it and ran with it.  most of these ghosts were created about that time.  just look at when their accounts opened.  


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Just because you are paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you!

What I mean is that just because Mr. Blackie Lau seems emotional about the US, it does mean that what he says is not true.

I was in the US this March. There was a coup in Haiti. According to the western media about one hundred lightly armed rebels had risen up in the countryside and were marching on the capital Port-au-Prince. The US Marines flew in - not to protect the President, Aristide, but to rescue him. (I thought it strange because during the Clinton administration the US had intervened to ensure that the outcome of the elections that voted him in were respected. The Haitian military had supported his opponent in the election and wouldn’t let him take office; the Americans made sure he could.) Remember this? And then when the Aristide had been ‘rescued’ and reached asylum in Africa he said suddenly that he had not been rescued, he had been forced to leave by the Marines at gunpoint. Now I was confused.

On the way to the airport our driver was a Haitian. He said “Of course it was an American coup. The population of Port-au-Prince is hundreds of thousands and are loyal to Aristide. The rebels were only a few. It was well known that the rebels were supported by the Republican Party. Why? Because Aristide had socialist tendencies and wouldn’t grant the US Navy a small Haitian island as a base.”

I am not generally a conspiracy theorist. I usually believe things happen more by mistake than conspiracy. But in this case? I believe it. After all what sense does it make? Aristide was elected. If folks didn’t like him they could have voted him out next time. As a democracy the US should have supported him, not intervened to remove him. And yet I saw not a single suggestion to this effect in mainstream western media.

Conclusion: Leadership groups sometimes do things that no decent human being in their right mind would support. War, kidnapping, assassination etc. They either do it because they believe it is in the best long-term interests of their people or for their own selfish interests. What does this mean for me? It means that whatever happens I have to try very, very hard to enjoy this life to the full and to behave like a decent human being.

Best wishes to you all.

Paper Tiger

PS What are these ghosts and jackals you always talk about?

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To Blackie Lau

>&gtlease, try to have at least the minimum decency, for TRUTH in posts.<<
Blackie, it is not that easy as you think. Truth is not getting " the most favoured item" in here.
Truth is being manipulated by us, forumities - which is a natural thing in nice bashing, but also by the UFO - which is not nice at all.
You ask me for mission really impossible.

To Paper Tiger
Ghosts and Jackals are the second engine of the left column of the forum.
Without them , this would be a dead desert. Canchin, TPJ,MarkWu and some others would not be able to make it as live as it is .
In reality all of us are needed to have life here , though the invisible strings are pulled in some weird manner disrupting the natural order/disorder of the real thoughts exchange.

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I don't believe it...

I don't believe that Blackie Lau is doing anything out of spite. He is really this misguided and says the things he does because of ignorance and anger at himself and his people. There are many countries in the world, most know what the deal is...some have to keep their people blind so that they will work endlessly without truly reaping benefits. Blackie Lau is evidence of the disillusioned faction of China.
Foreigners beware, see it through the mirror... this is Germany and you are the 'new Jews'.

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I ate some delicious dog meat for dinner tonight. You know, that even though this is a particular breed of dog, bred to be eaten, it still gives me the nice advantage to be able think about it, especially when an obnoxious dog is ferociously barking at me: just how sweet its meat would probably taste on my plate, when prepared by Chinese chefs. I have the distinct advantage of projecting that picture back at the animal that is grossly disturbing my personal space, and I can do so with such an evil smile!

No offense Blackie, but I am just wondering, where are you?

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I have no idea why you want to eat blackie, see the post where he said you and wayves were nice guys. nice americans.
And now you want to eat him, I do not get it.


Unlike others in this thread, blackie will not Kow Tow and lick and slurp on the foreigners every whim, you know who I mean.

Dont you Wendy.

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