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Is America a " LIE " [Copy link] 中文

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down boy, down

now Blackie, just what is wrong?

Did Bush ever lie?

Did Colon oscopy ever lie?

Did Rummy ever lie?

... come on.

What is wrong with a system where 34% of the eligible voters, the old women and the young ignoramuses or the team spirit lovers participate? Don't  you ever watch sports? Don't you vote for your favorite team? The Pistons or the whatever, what is wrong with a good bit of sporting fun? No one gets hurt, you can find your pics in the papers anywhere, they constantly are listing the odds -- who is your favorite poster boy? The one with the missle launching nostrils or the guy with the undertaker's face? Or maybe you prefer their Queens, the guy who is always in his bunker with a heart attack or the hehaw favorite smiling charmer from North Carolina? Maybe you can find something to like about their wemens , lessee there is the Ketchup Queen, no stepping stone star here, or, well, how can anybody not like Laura, she is so kind and wholesome, she is even more lovely than Nancy Rayguns, that's why I like Bush, he has a great wife, and I love anyone that screws up his English as badly as you and I! Fortuanately, when I am drunk, I understand him very well, I think I will get good and drunk and vote for him. Then I will be proud that my football team won in the playoffs -- I will put bumper stickers all over the place ---> MIT RULES! You know MIT has so many Nobel prize winners, I just love to watch their football games, don't you, they rule, man, them and Bush rock!

Mickey Mouse is real, I saw him in Disney World, I have such good thoughts!

I brought home a bone for you tonight, sorry I used ot to stir my coffee, I hope you don't mind.

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While we wait for blackie to collect his bone ( he looks like he has been gone a week now, I hope he didnt get put down ).

It is nice of you to think of others, like a bone for blackie.

What did ya get me, nothin.

Not a thing. They say its the thought that counts. Not a thought.


Well fine, see if I care.

Yes on the topic, I see what you mean about only 34% are interested in the sport of electing the President ( after all, if those 34% elect the wrong President he gets killed, so they need to be right and a little vote manipulation takes care of not having to kill the wrong President ).

Gore is lucky, if he was elected, he would already be dead.

He should say thank you.

The reason 66% of Americans do not vote, is that the right President will be the President and if something does wrong, they will kill the wrong one and still end up with the right President.

In a way it is the ultimate blood sport.

I can see whay you follow it.

Yes Sir, the USA, the ultimate Lie.

Dont ya just love it.

Thanks for nothing 88.


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right back at ya..

i think that there was a post about China is a LIE

Lets talk more about that.

at least that will carry more substance

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oh you westerners such funny people, throw much dirt.

You have lots of dirt, so you can throw much.

You just do not get it.

You never will get it.

The hollywood brainwashing is a darn good job.

IGNORANCE can be a fatal disease.

Many of you are TERMINAL.

EGO is a good thing, but when ones EGO is too big for his limited ability.

The world is in trouble.

IGNORANCE can be a fatal disease.

Many of you are TERMINAL.

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I feel the exact same way about you.

it's always
western bad china good
western blind china insight
western sucks china blows
western ignorant china intelligent
western lacks china has
western full of crap china full of innovations
western half-emply china half-full..

dude get REAL...
maybe just maybe... YOU SHOULD BOYCOTT ALL THINGS WESTERN LOL...just so you could prove your point even more.

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J & J

I give you O.J. Simpson.

I give you Mike Tyson.

I give you Sodom Insane.

I give you 66% of the Americans vote NO.

I give you 66% of the voting American public don't believe in your democrazy.

I give you war on terrorism, war on Sodom Insane, war on Bent Laiden, I give you threats to NK, I give you no one allowed to have WMDs, but us, what more do you want?

I give you the 7th Fleet.

What more do you want? Such a big ego you have, maybe you only want flowers, huh?

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