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We need to learn some of western etiquettes/customs. [Copy link] 中文

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1. When you eat meal, close your mouth.
    Don't show the food in your mouth to another people.
2. Speak quietly in public.
3. Control your children in public place like restaurants or theaters.....

Anybody want to add more ?

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Do not spit randomly; Do not spit onto the floor in a restaurant.

Do not spit on the floor, the flower-bed, the grass, the drain, the bin even.

A friend of mine visited Switzerland and commented that even their drain water is cleaner than my tap water. Well-said. I believe it is true because the Swiss take care to protect all their public property.

If you must, take a piece tissue paper, spit in it and dispose of the paper in a bin.

When I went travelling in a tour group, I noticed many chinese spit the chicken bones etc onto the floor. The floor was so oily if you didn't wear the right shoes you would slip over, and that makes the restaurant look very dirty.

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stop saying.......

1- Hello - every time you see a foreigner

2- My English is so poor - Most of the times it is not true, and in any case it is how it is so don't feel ashamed.

3- You're really so handsome - I am not. Really I'm just a normal foreigner, but certainly not handsome.

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stop serving food with your chospticks onto your guest's bowl or plate to show y

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Do not put your chopsticks in your mouth; Do not share soup bowl.

Westerners and many Asians now are paranoid about personal hygiene. A Singaporean used to tell me when he visits people's houses, the first thing he checks out is the toilets. He was making a joke of course, but that's how their people have progressed - very westernised.

If you can avoid it, just use the chopsticks to pick things up (better still to have a serving spoon for each dish, like what they do in the chinese restaurants in the west) and deliver to your mouth without touching your mouth (wow acrobatic).

Don't serve soup in a communal big bowl. Serve it in small bowls to begin with, so the westerner knows from the beginning that the soup is not used to wash all the spoons of the diners at the table.

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To jvt1965

To many asian, all white people look about same and sometimes they can't distinguish a ugly from handsome/pretty ones....
To them all white men look handsome.....hahaha
What a wonderful world you are living !!

Same things happen to me in America.....
Many american told me how pretty I am even though I look very
average.....I feel so funny/or embarrassing/or shy when american people say that to me.....usually I just laugh........

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eye contact - maybe asking too much

this has to do with violation of their modesty. Many Asians especially women are shy to look somebody in the eye. It is viewed as "sexually provocative".

Perhaps it is better if foreigners understand this aspect, and just accept that as their culture.

But of course, if she is shouting in your face with her eye on some handsome guy next to you, then you are entitled to DEMAND that she looks you in the eye.

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