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Limited Foreign Thinking in regard to Military and Destructive Capacity [Copy link] 中文

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propagand eh?

Okay so you say washington or hollywood puts out propaganda's
What about the good ol China. Can you honestly say your government does not lie. Nor does it falsify facts just to embellish.
I've seen the massive number of military weaponry that china has. but are any of them modernized. because believe it or not but Iraq became a pushover because it had nothing good to attack us with.

You know i've been through a couple of these military debates. But i've never heard that "China will win any war against US"

It would be more like the usual what if?
russia is still number one or Israel is the powerhouse in middle east. or even the EU will have a more stronger military to counter US influence.
but i've never heard US being defeated in an all-out war.
Judging from those response its almost international view that US is not something to mess with.

So i ask whether it is you or I who falls prey to propagandist.

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J10 \

The acquisition of Su-27, after China had attempted for years to develop the J-10 aircraft with equivalent technology to perform similar functions, demonstrates a lack of confidence in domestic industrial capabilities. China’s record on reverse engineering aircraft has not been impressive, and it remains in doubt whether the J-10 will ever join China’s interceptor inventory. Western sources estimate that Chengdu could eventually manufacture over 1,000 of the delta-winged fighters to replace China\'s aging MiG-21 and MiG-19 fighters.

In November 1995, the Jian-10 fighter prototype crashed during a test flight, and consequently it was decided to indefinitely suspend manufacturing plans which had anticipated deliveries to users by 1998. By mid-1999 flight testing had resumed, with little prospect of entering service by 2005. China has been flying about a half-dozen J-10 prototypes since 2000, though the fighter was not slated to join the PLAAF until 2007.

OOoohhh...I guess American limited thinking is only second to Chinese limited abilities. LOL...

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nasty tekvicious

" OOoohhh...I guess American limited thinking is only second to Chinese limited abilities. LOL... "

I guess this belongs in the Changing China limited white people thinking

Anyway, the point continues to be proven.

These white superiority riddled foreigners, are so Hollywood.

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Who is calling the kettle black?

What was the point of all the anti-western posts??
Are you better? Are you? The answer (in military terms for sure) is a resounding NO. This forum alone may turn me into a raving war-monger.
We need to see a demo so I can say "see,I told you".

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there are 3 video on this linke

u may need java virtual machine installed to see some of the things on the web page...   u will also need quicktime which u can download from for free for one of the movies as well....pretty cool to see that missile to launch and take off so quickly(second link)...

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This will mean nothing to these guys...

They'll just say that they've got something up their sleeve.
*Dream sequence*
It's the Kung-Fu 8th Gen fighter...KF8
It's VTOL, Stealth capable, low space flight capable, mach 3.8 capable...all on 80 miles to the gallon!! Advanced countermeasures on board computer and solid state laser for destroying pesky enemy missiles. And we have 500.000 of them with pilots that make your TopGuns look like old ladies with inner ear issues!
Bring it!!! We are China!!!!!!!!!
*Wakes up...sweating...finds he has soiled himself*
Realizes that his country has less than 300 4th gen fighters of F15 capability and substantially less avionic tech to deploy.

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The best airforce in the world.

Please stop delete our can we debate?

The U.S airforce (U.S.A.F) is the best airforece in the world you can ask anyone and they can tell you that.  Why?...because we have the numbers and top notch hardware. We also spend quite a bit on training.

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