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Limited Foreign Thinking in regard to Military and Destructive Capacity [Copy link] 中文

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" i'm telling mom ", go ahead and tell your mom, see if I care.

The fact is you were one of the war mongers who started this.

It was in one of your posts that you said you could invade and drop bombs and that you had heaps of nukes and China had a few.

War is not a nice thing, but you see China as some kind of giant Iraq.

Simple facts are, the USA would lose in any conflict with China.

I know it is hard on the " HE MAN " American image and the " MACHO " American man image and the mighty this that and the other, but the fact is you would lose.

You can not, your brain is not capable of understanding that.

Such is the Rambo Brain Washing.

Who told you China had 6 missiles, who told you China had 500, who said China had 19 Warheads, who said this and who said that.

The fact is that the USA said it, China said very little.

Except that what American said was wrong.

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that's becuase china is too embarrased to report the amount

you need a missile to hit america, not just a nuke.  You think america doesn't know where most or all of the chinese ICBM silo's are???  Are you kidding me?

There you go with the name calling's your best defense, I suppose.  

Moderator, why isn't his posts being removed for name calling???  It's in you rules...

Look, we don't have to occupy your land to destroy your military.  We are temporarily occupying iraq, but only so we can rebuild their sandbox....we do not have to do this.  We swept thru their country both times with minimal resistance and loss very little life both times...they were considered one of the largest militaries in the world before the first war.  I bet they even had more money to spend from their oil revenues...dunno, though.

I keep saying the same thing, because you do's kinda like to cavemen hitting eacothe with stones back and forth...but only one of them has resorted to name calling.

"The fact is you were one of the war mongers who started this."
One, maybe, but not the first!!!  Do you understnad the difference between the person who started it and the person who contributed to it?  

So, once again, you and many others have avoided my question, WHY DON'T YOU GO TAKE THE ISLAND???  TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT.  This is what the original thread was about...

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There have been many posts about the Island.
Many Many Many Many, form the start of the Forum.

We will TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT,  TAKE IT,  when we want, that has also been written too many times.

As there is resistance to peace efforts, we must use all and every last means and method first, that is why you are a war monger, you want to see China blow it to bits and we do not want to blow it to bits ( unless we have to ).

As for nukes and missiles, please your ignorance is showing.

Zip it up.

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Blackie Lau

Blackie Lau,

We have enough nucks to destroy Chiiiiiiiiina a hundred times over and still have it left over to destroy the world.  Let be civilize shall we?...war is a terrible thing.  I hope you think twice before you fire any of your missil at Taiiiiiiiiiiiwan.  By law we will defend Taiiiiiiiiwan from an aggression.

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Rats and wolves...

... walk their own paths.
Blackie ..pssst...2 slips again.
Slip nr 1. It was me who wedge the belief in accuracy of chinese (and all other existing missle guidance systems).
That was in the thread when somebody told "chinese rockets with nuke heads will kill all these splittists in T"
The point is , that even if the guidance system would bring a nuke head to hit a microphone of a left over mobile phone - the characteristics of the explosion are spherical and temperature/radiation/pressure wave/heat  cannot be further guided but make no selection in humans over there.
That means , yes , theoretically they can be killed and a very good propaganda has to be used later to explain that "only the bad guys are down".
Slip nr2. You just got for a moment into your own trap, jump out quickly , before jackals see it and start laughing. Look here , you wrote :-"China can and will win any conflict with the USA and when I say win, I mean that 300 million of you and your USA will be missing at about the same time you do something really dum, like attack China."
Do I need to explain the maddnes and falsifity of such "victory"?
Isn't it Rambo thinking?

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blackie lou

I don't understand you either.
It is not that it will be easy to murder 1.5 billion people it is just that you have to destabilize the infrastructure and the whole thing will fall. Can you honestly say nobody has any problems with your government.

Americans or your "white foreigners" say what they say because it doesn't take 1.5 billions nuclear or missile bombs to murder 1.5 billion people. it only takes a couple of thousands. American military technology and armed forces is the most continually upgraded and fully funded military in the world. have you heard that even one US naval battlegroup can annhilate most of the navies in the world. (of course i don't mean china) and we have almost a dozen of these.
Americans take pride in their Armed forces. Who in the world is crazy enough to spend $400 billions a year to support it. Even though this is a very small amount of our GDP (around 3%).

to be honest US will never NEVER launch an attack against China. if only you guys were democratic. We would at least see eye to eye.

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that's my point

"We will TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, when we want, that has also been written too many times."

u talk about taking and act as if u could at any moment you choose, yet you don't do it.  Why is this?  When is when?

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