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Limited Foreign Thinking in regard to Military and Destructive Capacity [Copy link] 中文

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Oh dear, these white western foreigners do go on and on and on.
As a continuation along the same subject matter as teamsters in the changing China section, we have a repeat of the low level limited thinking in this Sino relations area.
The USA can do this and will do that and has the capability to do that this and many of the other.
The Rambo Speak as it has recently been called, does get a bit old after a time, not that it was ever true in the first place.
A rat could evaluate the given information and conclude, quite rightly, that it is far easy to murder 300 million than it is to murder 1.5 billion.
Given the intelligence of the rat to be equal to some of the stuff I read on here ( yes I choose to read it, I do have the option to not read it at all ) given the low level negligence of the ignorant being allowed to write what they think, just the same as those that have brains being allowed to write what they think and further, those with clear thinking intelligent working brains also being able to write, we get the full cross section from idiot through moron to normal person and some beyond.

The rat being able to arrive at the correct conclusion while the shall we call it " Rambo Army of Limited Thinkers in Pyjamas " not being able to arrive at the same conclusion as the rat and as another said, if they were dogs, they could neither hunt nor catch their own fleas.
Given this to be the proven case, we must ask ourselves, just how much danger is the world in, when low level intelligence is in control of the white western foreign weapons systems and still expanding, these limited thinkers, arrive at a different conclusion to that of the rat.

I find it scary, very very scary, that these foreigners think they can invade or attack or blow up China and just walk back to the local fast food restaurant, very very scary.
The facts and truth of the matter are very simple, as the rat already knows.
How similar are the white western foreigners and say a " Mushroom ".
Well I think the similarities speak for themselves.
Even in this section here, we have seen silly and very lunatic fringe thoughts that included the accuracy of a Chinese missile.
Please, China invented the missile and I can assure you Chinese missiles are not only accurate, they can reach your dinner table in downtown New York City.

China wants no War with anyone, let alone the USA and no normal thinking rational person wants War, even the Rat, does not want War.

However, the white western foreigners continue of late to speak of War and worse still to speak of invasions of China and bombing of China here there or anywhere else in China, keep in mind that many that write these things are siting inside China and that in itself is even more scary that they would choose to drop bombs on themselves.
All in all I have reached the conclusion that these people are not too smart and a little dim besides and I think it not the least bit funny, I think it it is very scary.

The military capability of China, the military capability of the Chinese PLA is without question able to defeat an attack on Chinese soil by the USA and is also able to extinguish the USA in a confrontation of nukes.

That the USA and the writers in this forum of white western foreign background, feel that they can attack China is plain and simple scary.

It is a far more simple matter to murder 300 million than it is to murder 1.5 billion, how difficult is that to understand.

How difficult ?

Too much Hollywood, too much Rambo Thought and not enough plain and simple mathematics, historical knowledge and simple logic, this is the problem with these western war mongers.

Face the facts USA and you local American writers, China can, say again China can, remove your country from the Globe ( yes yes yes, you would destroy what was left ) but the point of fact is, that your mighty USA can not and will not survive a conflict with China based on War or probably economy either.

So stop the threats here there and everywhere in this forum, re-think your position if you have people who are capable of thinking.

China can and will win any conflict with the USA and when I say win, I mean that 300 million of you and your USA will be missing at about the same time you do something really dum, like attack China.

Stop with the military threats USA, you can not and will not win.

You think too much of yourself and there is no substance.

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Who's going on and on and on about this Blackie?

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This from mikeghet is a classic example of the Limited Thinking

"YOu are right that the NMD won't stop 1000 nukes, MAD will do that. But, china don't have 1000 nukes that can reach american shores why the comparison? China would have to fight a conventional war and they would lose badly and american forces would have much fewer casualties. But, who cares, we are not going to attack china...we are only going to help defend ta$wan. there is a difference, though the result will be similar "

These Rambos really think what they right, very scary.

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I'm starting to think 3 screen names on here are all from the same person.  Why, because this topic was on one thread, but now there are 3 new posts on essentially the same thing, but all 3 by a different person.  

I agree war is not good and hope it does not happen, but where the last two threads derived from was from the questions, regarding america helping taiwan in a conflict in the straights.  So, how many of these threads have been started by non-westerns???  All 3 of them...

YOur analysis of 300 million versus 1.4 billion is absurd.  Why, because machinery and wepon systems win wars, people only occupy land.  We aren't occupiers either, so that's shouldn't be a concern, though your lovely russian neghbors mihgt feel intrigued to take some land and india will be more than inclined to take territory as well.  Why were so many small nations (in population compared to china) able to hook china on opium and colonize china and just recenlty left HK?  People don't have anything to do with it, when they are not a formidable force at all.  You think the poor coal miner that don't have shoes is gonna run across china to save beijing with a pitch fork when he is facing artillery?   Taiwan only has 20 million people, why don't you go take it over with your 1.4billion?  Why is china increasing its military espenditures exponentially?   When you figure out the answers to those questions, you will see why 1.4billion people don't matter when fighting a war.

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warmonger mikeghet wrote

" You think the poor coal miner that don't have shoes is gonna run across china to save beijing with a pitch fork when he is facing artillery? "

Yes he would ( because he is Chinese ) but that is beside the point.

An American who lives under a bridge in down town Chicago will not lift a finger to help the white western foreigners who control the USA, I will give you that.

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why the name calling?

It's not an insult to say there are poor chinese that dig coal, nor is it an insult to say there are poor people in chicago...both are true.  I don't deny this, do you?  So, I hope you are not  saying this as an insult.

Why am I a war monger?  What mongering have i done?  What have I done differently than you?  Just because I don't agree with you i'm a war mongerer?  I dont want a war, as i stated several times, but since we are talking about a possible scenario I stated my opinions, just as you did.

I was merely trying to exploit wht I consdered a flaw in your don't even argue it, but you called me a warmonger instead...i'm telling mom.  It's NOT beside the point...japan surrendered and so did the nazis, surely  you don't think they didn't have anymore people left in their country?  That's the POINT.

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warmonger mikeghet

You keep saying the same thing.

You keep thinking you can invade China and you keep thinking you have more nukes.

Why do you say this, because either Hollywood told you or Washignton, same thing or your read it on your breakfast cereal.

What is more accurate:

A: American breakfast cereal, Hollywood and Washignton propaganda think tanks.

B: American troops hardly able to control a bunch of Arabs.

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