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I got it ! Mods are humans too! [Copy link] 中文

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We are frequently puzzled about the enigma of ruber trigger characteristcs. There are rules , which , frankly speaking are not executed in a too tough way in general. This allows this forum have some life and true thoughts exchange.
There are , however recent happenings, not in this section, which are not understandable for guys whose comments are deleted in series.
These are not any sensitive "taboos" which make us puzzled , but deletions of comments milder than these which are left nearby.
I , for one do not like deletions unless they are connected with a crime, I have faith in unobstructed exchange of ideas including tough words.
I have noticed today , that one of my miler-than-other answeres was gone and any comment concerning the protest or question WHY was deleted as well , like a mod tried to cover up his/her mistake.
This was a symptom of taking things personally = human reactions.

How can we get a good ground of understanding with moderators?
There are sometimes a tough jokes (JOKES I repeat) which do not hurt anybody , just this is the western humour. If I "bash" Mikeghet or Tsupasat ( or others of a similar sense of humour) there is no any problem in this.
How we , forumities can appeal to mods , and how can we have beter understanding of their actions , when we never get any comment on our inquires ( Why did you erased it?).
I went pissed off today and got a high voltage, this is part of me that I can't cut off. I think it is not necessary to spin up confrontation level. I just do not know how to get a kind of connection or a way of possible defence of posts which are surely not against the rules.
I won't whine when a post of ... I don't know... about genius FG taking over power in China is gone -it is obvious BS and beyond tolerance, but there is too much inconsistence and most of all lack of comunnication , which does not mend the atmosphere.
I would be very happy if others can have a good idea how to create a ground of trust and friendship between heavens and earth.
Moderators comments would be of a high value as well.
My intention is to avoid unnecessary hot blood.

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I agree Dobriban,

What is the point of them deleting a post and never explaining why they did it?
It leaves you confused and annoyed.
It certainly does not teach you anything.
Chances are high that you will re-offend because you just do not know what the boundaries are.

If you were to smack your child because they were naughty, but you never told your child why you were punishing him/her, your child learn nothing other than disrespect for you.

At the very least, the Mods should leave a comment in place of your deleted post, stating that <B>"This post was removed for reasons of…(insert explanation here)…"</B>. You might not agree with their reasoning, but at least you will then know what the limits are.

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The mods are just maddening, and at times played favourites

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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rule of abracadabra

That's all I could understand so far, Lau.
I am pro China, so what? 2 days ago somebody loved me so much , that to turn me attention ,has deleted at least 5 coments ,on my eyes.
Yesterday nothing was missing.
I must check the moon - in which phase is it today.

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Some of my posts did not have enough glue on them.

They are inconsistent and unaccountable to the customers. So just post what you feel. You never know, It might stay up, or it might not.

Just post it. Do not feel intimidated by the silent sniper.

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Hi Brad

I can't speak for others, but believe me , Kiwi, the last thought that can pass my mind is feeling of being intimidated in such case.
I get a high voltage and send some after comments to this mod- which are deleted-then I send next-which is deleted -and the show goes on.
We can keep on like this ( or I get banned) , but I do not see any sense in spiraling such nonsense battle. I'm also not civilized enough to kowtow to a mad muzzles, I get a high voltage of an electric eel and this is the problem.
I want we have a kind of ideas exchange with moderators , or , if they keep silence, at least present them our point to get better understanding.

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my experience

my experience with deleted posts is that the moderators usually get tired of deleting them after about three or four rounds.  simple cut and paste, boys.  after a while, they will usually allow the post to stay up.

by the way, i don't see anything wrong with deliberately posting stuff i know is going to get whacked.  some people criticize me for posting stuff i know is "sensitive," but my retort is that NOWHERE is "sensitive" or "subversive" defined.  also, according to the forum rules and even china's own constitution, there is free speech that allows people to post what they like here.  

until they change the forum rules and chinese constitution, i will refuse to follow the defacto rules established by moderators.  so there.


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