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China Opens Up Flow of Fruits and Vegetables to Russia   [Copy link] 中文

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August 13, 2014

Well that didn't take long. Mere day after Russia announced its ban on Western nation food imports, European countries are scrambling (as we explained why here). Greece has already expressed dismay, but now Spanish officials will meet with EU leaders to discuss offsetting the country’s estimated up to $800 million in food and agriculture losses due to sanctions. Poland is pissed and has complained to the WTO claiming "Russia has broken international law in both its embargo;" and Finland's largest dairy producer has announced 800 layoffs due to the sanctions. When does Europe tell Washington - enough!

Spain demands aid... (despite Rajoy's support for anti-Russia sanctions)

Spanish Agriculture Minister Isabel Garcia Tejerina said the restrictions have prompted her ministry to convene a meeting with the European Commission in Brussels on Thursday.


The Spanish government has estimated that agricultural losses will amount to €337 million, or about 1.8 percent of Spanish exports. Other groups, like Spain’s opposition Socialist Party, have estimated the losses to be higher- €581 million.

Last year, 37,000 tons of tomatoes, 35,000 tons of peaches, and 33,000 tons of mandarin oranges were exported from Spain to Russia, according to Spain’s Small Farmer’s Association (UPA).

“The decision that was adopted involves many political issues that exist between Russia and the European Union, and not just the EU. As a result, it may be necessary to compensate us for these political decisions - the producers who work all year and want to at least be paid enough at least to cover production costs,” Lorenzo Ramos, Secretary General of UPA, told RT.

Finland suffers...

The largest Finnish dairy producer Valio send a forced leave of the staff with factories working for export to Russia. This is stated in the message of concern.

Restructuring will affect Finnish enterprises' Valio: Plant in Haapavesi ( cheese Oltermanni), Seinäjoki ( oil Valio), Vantaa ( cream cheese Viola) and warehouse in Lappeenranta. Concern revise employment contracts of all the employees of these companies. " Some of the staff ( according to preliminary estimates, 800 people) can go on forced leave to fully clarify the situation, with a portion of employees will not be renewed temporary employment contracts, "- said in a statement.

Poland complains...

Poland's agriculture minister went on television to announce the country was taking action against Russia's new import ban. "We believe Russia has broken international law in both its embargo against Poland and its embargo against the EU," Marek Sawicki said.

Russia banned the import of Polish fruit and vegetables in early August - a move Sawicki said would cost Poland 0.6 percent of GDP.


"If a WTO member state believes another WTO member state has taken a measure that is not in conformity with WTO rules, the affected WTO member state may request mediation," attorney and WTO expert Eric Pickett said.

And the Czechs are in for some EU assistance...

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The US should buy the apples from Poles, who are apple-polishers to Uncle Sam!
There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul.-Victor Hugo

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This post was edited by incarnationabc at 2014-8-14 17:30

European chickens come home to roost. How stupid they are  paying bills for Uncle Sam, who monitors them all day and all night long! It invites a question whether or not Uncle Sam is a real ally of them.
There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul.-Victor Hugo

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Well, Merkel succumbed to the US NSA BLACKMAIL!

Merkel chose to save herself and sacrifice the German people and Germany. She
is now the slave to the US!

United States design to undermine both German economy and Merkel status
have now come to fruition!

Control by BLACKMAIL is the new modus operandi of the United States ...

Confidence in German economy falters as Russia sanctions take their toll

Economists fear eurozone recovery may be derailed after German ZEW indicator plunges to 20-month low

Angela Monaghan
The Guardian, Tuesday 12 August 2014 22.10 BST

The European Central Bank president, Mario Draghi, says Germany's recovery will be 'weak, fragile and uneven'. Photograph: Luo Huanhuan/Luo Huanhuan/Xinhua Press/Corbis

Europe's standoff with Russia has affected the region's largest economy after economic confidence in Germany nosedived unexpectedly, fuelling fears the eurozone's weak recovery will be snuffed out.

Hostility between the west and Vladimir Putin over Russia's treatment of Ukraine is already hurting the German economy, according to a closely watched survey of investor mood.

The ZEW indicator of economic sentiment plunged more sharply than expected to a 20-month low of 8.6 points from 27.1 points in July. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast a far smaller drop, to 18.2 points.

Economists said it was a worrying sign of faltering confidence in Germany, which has been instrumental in lifting the wider eurozone out of the worst of the crisis and was the UK's second largest trade partner in terms of good exports last year. The imposition of tit-for-tat sanctions between Russia and the EU, with Brussels banning exports such as oil and gas equipment to Russia and the Kremlin retaliating with an embargo on European food imports, has hit confidence.

"Fear is back," said Carsten Brzeski, an economist at ING. "The German ZEW just sent more signs of caution, showing that at least financial market participants are increasingly becoming pessimistic."

The extent of Germany's woes will be laid bare on Thursday when the first official estimate of second-quarter GDP is expected to show zero growth, following a 0.8% rise in the first quarter.

Brzeski said the danger for Germany was that a weak second quarter could turn into something more serious. "Looking ahead, today's ZEW sends a worrying signal that the growth performance in the second quarter could suddenly morph from a one-off into an undesired trend. Up to now, the fallout of the Ukraine crisis has been limited to a general return of uncertainty and a sharp drop in German exports to Russia. Obviously, a further escalation of the crisis could start to really hurt the economy."

The ZEW index, which measures investors' expectations for the economy in six months' time, has fallen for eight consecutive months amid weak growth in the eurozone overall – the UK's biggest trading partner. Growth in the eurozone is expected to have slowed to 0.1% between April and June from 0.2% in the first three months of the year. The fear is that heightened tensions will be enough to halt the fragile recovery.

Germany stands to be among the hardest hit by the west's stance on Russia because it is Russia's biggest trading partner within the EU.

The authors of the ZEW report said the decline in economic sentiment was the result of the geopolitical tensions that have begun to weigh on Germany's growth.

"In particular, current figures on industrial production and incoming orders suggest markedly reduced investment activities on the part of German firms against the backdrop of uncertain sales prospects. Since the economy in the eurozone is not gaining momentum either, the signs are that economic growth in Germany will be weaker in 2014 than expected."

The European Central Bank (ECB) made clear last week that it is ready to unleash quantitative easing in the eurozone should the outlook for the currency bloc worsen. Inflation in the 18-member region slipped to 0.4% in July from 0.5% in June, reigniting fears that the eurozone is moving dangerously close to deflation.

Meanwhile, new data from Portugal showed weak demand is damaging the eurozone's periphery. Figures from the Portuguese statistics office on Tuesday showed deflation accelerated in July, with prices falling by 0.7% over the year. It was worse than expected after economists predicted inflation would remain unchanged at June's rate of -0.2%.

The fear is that falling prices will trigger a deflationary spiral, where consumers and businesses put off purchases because they are expecting prices to fall further.

Mario Draghi, the ECB's president, said last week the region's recovery remained "weak, fragile and uneven", and warned sanctions and counter-sanctions between the west and Russia were among the biggest risks facing the eurozone economy.

"Geopolitical risks are heightened. And some of them, like the situation in Ukraine and Russia, will have a greater impact on the euro area than they … have on other parts of the world," Draghi said.

He added however that measures announced in June were starting to be successful. At that point the ECB cut the main interest rate to 0.15%, imposed a negative rate of -0.1% on bank deposits, and announced a €400bn (£317bn) package of cheap finance to encourage bank lending.

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jay_dee Post time: 2014-8-12 20:03
OH YEAH, import all the poisoned CHINESE fruit and veggies.
This will be fun to watch as the Russkie ...

awww...someone affected?
now China and others are moving in to Russia...earning more and more $$$...while US lose money...
and EU going to bankrupt~

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seneca Post time: 2014-8-13 12:10
Meanwhile, food prices in China and Brazil are bound to jump up as less locally-grown cereals and ve ...

lets see how ur US FED and the World Bank going to cover all the EU losses~

de-dollarization is on the way~
EU is crumbling rapidly~
US got no money and in HUGE debt~
wars is not working now...Russia and China got nukes too~ in fact China now can hit any of US states with mach 25~
all allies are dum dum~ and got nooooo money~ hahahahah~

better luck nex life~

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That's what the EU gets from kissing and blowing Obama's ......

How about another round of US instigated sanctions against Russia?

This time round all gas & oil purchases will be in either Rubles or Euros and NOT Weimar US$   ....

And then another one by US again. All gas will be cut off as winter months approach Europe .....!
That will freeze all their balls .....!

EU Farmers To Lose $16 Billion as Russians Support Food Embargo

© AP/ Winfried Rothermel
12:47 14/08/2014

MOSCOW, August 14 (RIA Novosti) — The EU commissioners are seeking ways of reducing the harmful impact that Russia's food import ban is causing the European economy, although it is early to speak of exact numbers of losses, experts say.

"We still feel it's a little bit soon to discuss the cost implications. We are looking at every product individually," said Roger Waite, a spokesman for the EU’s executive Commission, earlier this week as cited by the International Business Times.

According to the Associated Press, the EU agricultural export to Russia reached $15.8 billion in 2013. Thus, the estimated loss for the European economy could be about $16 billion, experts claim. Moreover, Russian sanctions may draw Europe into a market crisis, the French National Federation of Unions of Agricultural Operators warns.

Poland, Norway and Netherlands are among the "hardest-hit" economies due to the Russian food import ban, according to the International Business Times. Poland and Norway annually export over one billion dollars in agricultural goods to Russia, while Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Demark, supply about $850 million in food to the Russian market each year.

Meanwhile, Russia's sanctions have already caused a serious blow to the European agricultural sector, causing a sharp drop in prices. Apart from the Russian embargo, the European fruit market had also been hit by unfavorable weather conditions in spring and early summer this year.

"Following the recent decline in prices on the peach and nectarine markets, urgent action is needed to prop up the market," stated Dacian Ciolos, EU Agriculture Commissioner as quoted by the BBC, "We are monitoring markets closely and I will not hesitate to do likewise to assist other sectors dependent on exports to Russia, should it be necessary," he added.

The European Commission is thinking of ways to stabilize the situation. One option would be paying compensations of around 400 million euros ($535 million) to farmers. The aid will cost the EU up to $40 million in total, according to the BBC. Poland, Spain and France have already asked the EU leadership to compensate their financial losses.

"The decision that was adopted involves many political issues that exist between Russia and the European Union, and not just the EU. As a result, it may be necessary to compensate us for these political decisions - the producers who work all year and want to at least be paid enough at least to cover production costs," said Lorenzo Ramos, Spain’s Small Farmer’s Association representative in an interview with RT.

With the sanctions already implemented, the media are widely discussing the Russian view on the embargo. "Creamy French cheeses, Australian Ribeye steak and seafood risottos are heading off the menu at restaurants after the ban on imports of all fish, meat and dairy produce," writes The Chicago Tribune gloomily. However, no one looks to be shocked by such a prospective: "I am proud that we've stopped being the boy who gets bullied. It's about time," says Russian restaurateur Andrei Dellos, as quoted by the media outlet. "There won't be oysters, but we'll make do. We'll live without oysters."

Russia's independent Levada Center pollster admits that about 72 percent of Russians approve of the imposed sanctions. Vladimir Putin's approval ratings in Russia remain at their highest point as well.

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