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China Daily - Are you the puppet facilitated for enforcing the deception and def [Copy link] 中文

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China Daily:
The following evidence proved that
You have been corruptedly facilitating the re-enforcement of the deception and defamation of China and Chinese on the expenses of the Chinese national interests, suffocating freedom of voice of truth, including those of Chairman, wchao37, and instrumental to the Apprehended Violence crimes committed over Cyber.

Evidence 1:
"that's right, I deleted chairman
And I'll delete you, too, Inquisition, if you keep pissing me off.
How ludicrous.
2004-05-28 23:01"

The issue with respect to Hedan:
a) Unless Hedan can prove that he/she had the conferred authority at the time he/she exercised jurisdiciton to violate any other readers' human rights of freedom of speech of truth, including those of Chairman, Wchao37,  Hedan's confession dated 2004-05-28 that he/she knowingly violated Chairman's equal human rights of freedom of speech.
b) Intimidation and threatening "I'll delete you, too, Inquisition, if you keep pissing me off".

Legislation cited: Crimes Act 1900.
Part 15A Apprehended violence
intimidation means:
(a) conduct amounting to harassment or molestation.
562AB Stalking or intimidation with intent to cause fear of physical or mental harm
(1) A person who stalks or intimidates another person with the intention of causing the other person to fear physical or mental harm is liable to imprisonment for 5 years, or to a fine of 50 penalty units, or both.

Community Rules 5 states: "...otherwise violate laws pertaining to such matters, will not be tolerated."
Rule 6 state: "Users found in violation of this rule will be subject to immediate banishment."

1. Immediate banishment of Hedan from the China Daily forum.

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Thanks for the laugh Yang.

Mr lawyer, have you noticed that rule 6. does not does not particularly identify rule 5. as <B>the</B> rule it is relating too?

Rule 6 talks about <B>this</B> rule. It does not mention rule 5.
You have made an assumption that <B>this</B> rule is rule 5, whereas it is inconclusive.
This could take years in the courtroom to work out.

All said and done, you are now harassing HeDan. Therefore if he goes, so do you.

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Bad taste

Yang , this is not anything in a good laywer's style, beat it.
The timing of your post , when HeDan is busy with his new born daughter and rarely pops into the forum is disgustfull , but probably follows the Machiavelli , or the genius chinese strateg Tsu-what-was-his-name.
Nice skill of stabbing somebody's back.

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re: yang

it's people like you who are eager to report their neighbors' "illegal activities" to the public security bureau.  you missed you chance ... the cultural revolution was decades ago.  you would make a perfect red guard.  why don't you just straight-out accuse wendy, hedan, and whoever else of being counter-revolutionary?

if you were honest, you would have put hedan's post in context.  he was saying he did not have the power to delete chairman and was be ridiculous in order to prove the point.  

it is extremely sad to realize that even though your threats and bluster have no real effect here on the forums, similar actions by people such as yourself in the real world have led to the imprisonment of many innocent victims.


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I'm happy to be instrumental for you to fully spread out your Characters on CD f

To repentless, Dobridan,

"funny" --- What is so funny? Are you always treate other people's mental suffering indifferently after their equal Human Rights of Freedom of Speech have been voilated? By Law, your indifference is named as "Malicious".

"Thanks for the laugh Yang."  ------ NO PROBLEM. NOT FOR YOU. FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE 1.3 BILLION PEOPLE'S EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS ON THEIR OWN SOIL NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY CRIMINAL CONDUCTS ON CHINA DAILY. I remind you that your behavior of attacking the Chinese readers by throwing out the irrelevant words "funny, laugh" , which is one of the techniques you applied on other readers for the purpose of silencing their Human Rights of Freedom of Speech of Truth proved your shallowness, igorance, aggression and evil.  You would otherwise be able to provide the substance.

"Mr lawyer," ----- Are you sure that you are the one who is authorized to grant me the Practicing Certificate or unlawful acting is your habitual way? Confirm it. Save your techniques for your self-service.

Whether you are a lawyer or not, democracy means the law binds everybody, and everybody has the equal responsbility to the compliance to the Law. Are you telling me you are above the Law, and authorized to do anything on Chinese people without binding effect of law?

"have you noticed that rule 6. does not does not particularly identify rule 5. as the rule it is relating too?

Rule 6 talks about this rule. It does not mention rule 5.

You have made an assumption that this rule is rule 5, whereas it is inconclusive." -----

1. By Interpretation Act: word should be read in context. The word used in the later part of the document has the same meaning as it appears at the first unless otherwise specified. Single refers to plural in legislation.

2. The fact that the Equal Human Rights of Freedom of Speech of Chairman and Wchao37 on CD have been violated and hence their Voice of Truth have been silenced by Hedan and others, which I'll have further inspection and provide the evidence later to include all of you who have been involved in this conspiracy of violating Human Rights of Freedom of Speech to serve the purposes of forcing your lie on others, in this application.

3. Now that you, Dobridan volunteered to provide misleading information and conducting further intimidation assaulting me, evidenced by both of your false accusation without evidence provided. I give you a further chance to prove which part of my post was untrue, calculated to a degree of assaulting Hedan. Alternatively, we all provide credible evidence of our IDs to the International Police so that we can have the matter properly resolved in the International Criminal Court, if YOU HAVE EVER HAD THE BALLS.

4. Hedan bears the evidential burden to prove which provision of the rule he/she has referred to to, and the evidence as the ground for him/her to have had the equal Human Rights of Freedom of Speech of Chairman and Wchao37 violated.

5. If China Daily does not remove Hedan as per my application after I have provided the evidence to prove the fact beyond doubt, China Daily needs to provide the justified explanation why Chairman and Wchao37 have ever been silenced, which is the fact.

6. If you are coercing China Daily and belived that you have this UNEQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS CONFERRED to exercise this your power of forcing China Daily to corruptly apply doubt standard on THE EQUAL READERS between Chairman, Wchao37 and Hedan, then you are telling me and all the Chinese that you are entitled to violate the Chinese Equal Human Rights. You therefore not only need to shut up relating to matters of Chinese Human Rights, Application of Law, Corruption, Justice by the Chinese government, because it is what you, Hedan, and others have been forcing Chinese government to have the Chinese HUMAN RIGHTS SO VIOLATED .   

7. In the case that China Daily does not to have Hedan removed from Forum, then the evidence is established that China Daily English forum is for some nasty people knowingly to defame, accuse, humiliate China and Chinese, not for serving the purpose of Freedom of Speech conferred by Human Rights. Then the Heading of my article is proven. The Chinese Readers and Readers worldwide then have the rights to be truthfully informed by China Daily of the effect and purpose that China Daily actually served.

8. Evidence to prove the words to the effect of  "Chinese female Mainlander overseas are prostitutes" needs to be proven, don't you think? Otherwise, people would suspect that writers' grandfather, Hedan's grandfather, seneca's grandfather might have been fucked by the overseas prostitutes of Mainlander Chinese, and so gave birth to your fathers, because they are all overseas, right?  By Law this is the right Forensic judgement on proving the first to establish the second. you violated my Human Rights for not allowing you to represent me. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah  admire you?.. for what, if you have never had the right thing under your pants that can satisfy my selecting criteria?   

9. The overriding principle of Law in 揾ighly democratic countries?is JUST and EQUITBLE. Don't you know this? If you are trying to apply the case identical to that brit pregnant bitch soldier carrying the baby around sexually abused the Iraqi POWs without respect to the International Law, then Claiming her human rights for the purpose if escaping from the punishment by the International Law, it would not be Just and Equitable, don't you think. Whether that brit carried the Iraqi POWs?babies, and how many, I don't know.

揟his could take years in the courtroom to work out.?------- You mean it is your experience that court  normally can not draw appropriate conclusion within reasonable time of life span in your highly democratic countries? I agree with you. No wonder the evidence law proved that the process and procedures of the court, which exist to administer justice with fairness and impartiality, may be converted into instruments of injustice or unfairness. I have the first hand experience to agree with you. This is the lesson that China really needs to learn to prevent the injustice from happening in China.

揂ll said and done, you are now harassing HeDan.?---- Now, I am telling you that I抦 wounded and sick and will inform you until It not.  Then you need to provide evidence to prove what are you by saying that this that tortured me by false accusation after I have been assaulted by his posts threatening removal of any reader if he/she is 損iss? ed off.

Therefore if he goes, so do you.?------ I have intimidated by Hedan as a reader of CD, and my Human rights have already been violated. Are you saying that you run China Daily?  Are you telling me that the Law in your Democratic country is in fact sentencing the victims with the same punishment given to the criminal by nature?  Then provide me with the evidence of exactly which country you are from?  Your profession? Any other evidence that is needed to have the matter properly identified and resolved. I'm happy to have a go with you! You have the responsibility to provide all these evidence by law. Otherwise you are the evidence proving the conclusion that democracy in your country means unlawful and criminal.

Dobridan, Hedan posted his baby on China Daily where we discuss about the development of China, evidenced he/she has the capacity, right? To remove him from CD can provide better effect for him/her to take care of the baby, which is his/her duty and paramount consideration by Right of Children of the International Law, right? Using children as traffic is the violation of Children抯 rights, right by International Law, right? Which country are you from, Mr. 揥hite European Male? I need to check your unlawful conducts in reference to your country's law. Will you be able to provide the information?

Forging false authority of China Daily? Moderator, add this repentless, and Dobridan on the list of my application for removal. Ground and evidence are as shown above.

I give you time to go back to discuss with you bosses in case there are many, and come back, I抣l have fun with you.


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To ts,
When I know what I don't know, I have decency to close my mouth.

When you know what you don't know, you can't stop giving instructions to those who know better than you do. You are the best material educating the Chinese readers of the meaning of Indecency, and how, how long, how frequent the indecent people acts with the material substance provided by all your posts.

To tell you the truth, I don't even read any of your posts, not this addressed to me, either. You fell into the scope of the Credibility Rule of the Evidence Law Act, defined as NO CREDIBILITY. No wonder lesbian and gay are and have to be lawful in US.

Within the content and context of the Chinese face, those who are persistently being shameless to a level of not only NO FACE, but aggrevated and accumulated acting exactly as you what you have been doing on CD, is called NO FACE, NO SKIN - Mei Pi, Mei Lian.

Thank me for the knowledge about Chinese Culture!!!

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""  I'm happy to be instrumental for you to fully spread out your Characters on CD for education purpose ""

That was very well written and even though I dare not comment too much I do see the effort chineseyang went to when he wrote that post.

I also see no effort from the foreigners to debate or engage chineseyang on his points of interest that he has translated from Chinese to English.

In fact I see the foreigners are quite silent, which is unusual.

In any case, I will keep it short and support the view of chineseyang.

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