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Will you eat leftovers or just throw them   [Copy link] 中文

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bluenoser Post time: 2014-7-29 23:47
I find that soups and stews and pasta sauce taste better the next day.

YES, some food need deep cook or twice cook to integrate with the sauce

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"leftovers"   food or ladies?
some day Jiangsu will rule China

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lionstar Post time: 2014-7-30 12:53
"leftovers"   food or ladies?

you guess

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hxl001 Post time: 2014-7-30 10:02
it will produce bacterial that can not be seen by naked eyes

Well, there is bacteria, true. But I think people are more scared of bacteria than they should be. You know there is a lot of bacteria in your body right now, but they don't do any harm.

Anyway, the low temperature in the refrigerator is supposed to slow the growth of bacteria. So if you keep leftovers outside in hot weather, then yes, it will spoil within just a few hours. But if you keep in the refrigerator, this doesn't happen.

Come to think of it, this is the classic Chinese dilemma. You know, because Chinese people want to eat good food, and also because Chinese people do not want to waste anything. So what to do about leftovers??? Haha

When I was a kid, I didn't pay attention to food because my mom told me, your only job is to study. So I just ate whatever they gave me. Later my mom would tell me that when she was growing up, that my grandma used to eat all the leftovers by herself, and then I realized my mom did the same thing. We will cook new rice, and she will eat the old rice. I didn't know this until much later when I saw her do it, so I told her, we will all share the leftover, why does she need to eat it alone.

If you eat outside your home, the chances of you getting food poisoning is much greater. I have eaten some fish at a 5-star hotel, only to come home and throw up for 3 days in a row. I almost died. Ok, maybe a little exaggeration, was horrible.

If you make sure that the raw vegetables are fresh and thoroughly cleaned before you cook them, I realized that the cooked food will last for at least 3 days. Sometimes I notice that food spoils quicker than usual, then I think it's because it wasn't so clean.

People have been known to actually swallow poison by the gallon, but they survived it because they believed they were protected by some God. So, in this case, it's not so much about your food, but about your beliefs about what you eat. Do not fear.

I do think that the smell test works well. If it doesn't smell, and if it doesn't taste funny, then it should be okay to eat. At least it works for me. I have never gotten sick from eating leftovers, but I have gotten sick more times than once from eating out.

Anyway, I hesitate to comment on people's mothers, because it is a sensitive topic. But if your mother gets a stomachache every time she eats leftovers, it's probably because she believes in her mind leftovers are full of bacteria. So she should not eat any leftovers, because consciously or not, she thinks they are no good. It's just a personal preference or tendency. Don't try to tell her it's okay, just let her be. It's no big deal.

...Please excuse the long post....

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raton Post time: 2014-7-30 11:34
that is good.. then you wont get upset anymore..?

I won't

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