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Why do so many white blue-collar men support Bush? [Copy link] 中文

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Especially since Bush's economic policies are so clearly against the economic self-interest of blue-collar men. Arlie Hochschild tackles this dilemma in the following article:

Hochschild makes the important point that the Republicans have perfected the strategy of redirecting white working-class anger downwards (towards 'welfare cheats', women, gays, blacks, and immigrants) and outwards (towards dark-skinned foreigners who refuse to obey orders from Washington), rather than upwards where it belongs (towards the US corporate elite who have created unprecedented job insecurity among US workers).

But is that anger directed downward -- at "welfare cheats," women, gays, blacks, and immigrants -- or is it aimed up at job exporters and rich tax dodgers? Or out at alien enemies? The answer is likely to depend on the political turn of the screw. The Republicans are clearly doing all they can to aim that anger down or out, but in any case away from the rich beneficiaries of Bush's tax cut. Unhinging the personal from the political, playing on identity politics, Republican strategists have offered the blue-collar voter a Faustian bargain: We'll lift your self-respect by putting down women, minorities, immigrants, even those spotted owls. We'll honor the manly fortitude you've shown in taking bad news. But (and this is implicit) don't ask us to do anything to change that bad news. Instead of Marie Antoinette's "let them eat cake," we have -- and this is Bush's twist on the old Nixonian strategy -- "let them eat war."

Paired with this is an aggressive right-wing attempt to mobilize blue-collar fear, resentment and a sense of being lost -- and attach it to the fear of American vulnerability, American loss. By doing so, Bush aims to win the blue-collar man's identification with big business, empire, and himself. The resentment anyone might feel at the personnel officer who didn't have the courtesy to call him back and tell him he didn't have the job, Bush now redirects toward the target of Osama bin Laden, and when we can't find him, Saddam Hussein and when we can't find him... And these enemies are now so intimate that we see them close up on the small screen in our bedrooms and call them by their first names.

Whether strutting across a flight deck or mocking the enemy, Bush with his seemingly fearless bravado -- ironically born of class entitlement -- offers an aura of confidence. And this confidence dampens, even if temporarily, the feelings of insecurity and fear exacerbated by virtually every major domestic and foreign policy initiative of the Bush administration. Maybe it comes down to this: George W. Bush is deregulating American global capitalism with one hand while regulating the feelings it produces with the other. Or, to put it another way, he is doing nothing to change the causes of fear and everything to channel the feeling and expression of it. He speaks to a working man's lost pride and his fear of the future by offering an image of fearlessness. He poses here in his union jacket, there in his pilot's jumpsuit, taunting the Iraqis to "bring 慹m on" ?all of it meant to feed something in the heart of a frightened man

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white working class

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good discussion

don't you guys think it has something to do with the way liberals market themselves?  they need to find better ways of communicating their message to the working classes.  

yeah, internet-fired movements like and activist protests are good ... if you're aiming for college students and the educated, urban, young professional.  but if you want to get factory workers, loggers (are there such people anymore?), farmers, etc on your side in numbers that make a difference, then you've got to adopt a new strategy (hint: those guys don't spend hours surfing the web).

even though i usually vote republican, it's because of abortion (since i think human life is too easily disregarded) not because of economic or foreign policy so much.  if not for that, i might work harder for a liberal cause.


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from the most esteemed news source of them all ...

'Liberal Warriors' See Signs Of Political Comeback
Thu Jun 03 2004 11:20:35 ET

Liberals see signs of political comeback, the WALL STREET JOURNAL reported on Thursday. The American left is seeing signs of political revival. Polls show more Americans are calling themselves "liberal" and fewer are identifying themselves as "conservative."

2,000 liberal warriors gathering for a conference in Washington called 'Take Back America'. The American left "is seeing signs of political revival."

Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg said, "The plates have all moved." He added that the "combination of hostility toward President Bush, anxiety about the war in Iraq and concerns about tax cuts and other economic issues 'make it possible for something fundamental to happen in this election,' he says."

The Journal adds Republican strategists "say liberals are delusional. Since Republicans seized Congress in 1994, Democratic predictions that they would recapture control have repeatedly proved false." Though "support for Mr. Bush has been slipping in polls, Republicans retain a significant edge on national-security issues, which are likely to be a dominant issue in the November elections. Moreover, Republicans are cheered by the imminent transfer of civil authority in Iraq, which could lift a cloud over the president's re-election, as well as the economic rebound."

<b>Some liberal activists "acknowledge that Republicans could very well repeat earlier electoral successes by using cultural issues such as gay marriage to win support from working-class voters who agree with upscale Democrats on economic matters."</b>

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so if the conservatives can teach the white working class to hate blacks and mexicans, what can the liberals do?  I think the liberals would tell the black and mexican class that all the white guys are talking your jobs and money.  It goes both ways man.  Woul the white guy vote for that liberal then?

Stats have shown, which I don't have handy, that small town people traditionally join the military (percantege).  Some people suggest because they don't think they have a chance to escape their small town and see the world, thir only chance is the military.   

Maybe it's not because of poor education that WE bought into anti-comm$nism, but rather due to the fact that america was an isolationast for the better part of it's history.  World wars opened up the doors and eyes.  

I can tell you nobody is pure conservative or pure liberal, but it's really what you lean toward the most.  Sen McCain is republican, but won't stop the mexicans from running across the desert and consuming welfare in arizona (liberal dream).  Why, he says when asked, arizona is sensitive, you know, there are several mexican families that live here.  What a disgrace...he is only worried aboutt he vote and not the main population, which won't be that way forever.  however, republicans still love him...

It has been stated that Bush mostly appeals to white men and not women or minorities...well, clinton pleased the woemn and look where that got him.  

tsupasat, don't convert to liberalism man...unless you are only worried about economics and not national security.  See, even in our so-called bad economy which kerry says he'll fix, there are plenty of jobs.  I see "now hiring everywhere".  So, this brings up another topic (americans don't like to adjust their cost of living down).  

Also, some people join to honor their flag, not just to get college money.

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lesser of two evils

i guess every rational american voter feels gypped (sp?) after they step out of the ballot box.  that's because we never find a candidate that synchs exactly with our views.  but that's alright.  

there are a few things bush has done well, and a few things he has really taken a bad turn in (such as taxes, environment ...).  

i like your "right wing extremists" pic, but i guess they could have been considered left wing at that time as well.


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well, i got my 500-600 dollar check a  few year ago and i was pretty happy about that, not to mention i needed it at that time.  I don't know if he has done more dammage then othe rpresident to the enviroment or not.  But, i too hold the enviroment at the higest regard, maybe even just below military stregth.  But don't worry, within 20 years when the OPEC nations can't deliver enough oil we will build wind power generated grids and things will be run on nuclear fuel.  NO MORE OIL.  I hate oil and I hate COAL users as well.

The present you vte for not being EXACTLY the way you like him beings us back to a previous thread.  Should their be more choices?  I think yes, but that's naother topic.

NO, left wingers then were british loyals.

The pic was too big so I chpped it up a little was 29k and this board only allows 20k.  It came off a t-shirt off  Very good t-shirts for conservatives.

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