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why hate the Japanese?   [Copy link] 中文

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why hate Japanese?

China and Japan now are interdependent economically. Japan is China's largest trading partner, and China is Japan's second largest trading partner.So the people-to-people hatred wouldn't make any difference.

Hatred and Love are both freedom that one should enjoy. why not let it be.

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reply to "why amercian don't hate japanese"

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I hope

that one day we Chinese can beat Japan completely also, making them never jumping up again.

Working hard for that.

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Disgraceful, irresponsible, outrageous!

This September I will turn 24. Only 24, yet I still feel the anger and hatred felt by fellow older Chinese men and women. Not because I learned what happened during the occupation of China but because of how and what current Japan does. It is that alone that angers me.

Failing to admit their crimes and even tried to glory their past actions. Not only that, they tried to spread this false information to younger Japanese - as a result caused the younger generation to produce hatred for Chinese people for bothering them over a 'normal' war. I forgot to add, not only was there mass rapes, massacres and torture. Camps/factories were also set up so that Japanese scientists could study how their newly produced chemicals would work on human beings - Chinese people.

Ok this was in the past. But to try to destroy and rewrite all this history is totally unacceptable! Utter disgrace to the race of human beings!

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Japan bashing

This is a sad, pathetic topic. You don't see China-bashing in Japan like this. Most younger Japanese have nothing but respect and admiration for China.
Another reason you don't see the level of vitriol from Japanese is because, unlike another country I will not name, it is an opensociety where people are free to express their opinions and channel their energies and passions and even rebel without restraint by the government. In another country that I will not name, bashing Japan is covertly encouraged by the government as an outlet for youthful expression and rebellion. Better to have them directing their anger at an old paper tiger like Japan than looking honestly at their own situation and society.
There's also an essential difference between Japan and another country which I will not name. Japan did not have a 10-year period where its society was turned upside down and many were sent to the countryside, imprisoned, and worse. Japan's soldiers did not kill its own young people in a large public gathering in 1989.  Japan did not starve its own citizens from 1958-61. It has committed many atrocities, to be sure. But is that worse than a country that torments and kills its own citizens and fails to atone or even acknowledge it?
By the way. I'm an American and my father was a POW in a Japanese prison camp. He has forgiven his captors for the brutal treatment he endured and has even visited Japan. He told me that if he let rage consume him it would kill him more surely than he could have been killed as a POW.
He is a wise, caring man. I have learned a lot from him about forgiveness and understanding.

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China, Chinese's demanding apology from japanese government is the efforts again

Terrorism cannot be eliminated without getting the terrorists eliminated; Terrorists cannot be eliminated without getting the elements of acts of aggression eliminated;
Terrorists elements of acts of aggression cannot be eliminated without getting the intention of conducting such acts of aggression by those terrorists eliminated.

japan, japanese government, koizumi has such intention, against China, evidenced by japanese participation in Iraqi invasion.

koizumi's refusal to apology and compensation to the victims are other evidence to the facts.

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australians conduct the ritual memorizing the victims by the japanese on the dai

what's your problem???

the poster is a LIAR, and CHEAT. It is very unusual that the students in China would tell, or would have time to tell the "teacher" that they "hate japanese".


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