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why hate the Japanese?   [Copy link] 中文

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Yes, Gtnbia,

I’m just being sarcastic.  It’s obvious that this newky_koh kid hasn’t read my posts well on the same thread.  Simple-minded bigots brand you as a traitor when you don’t hate Japan.  I thought the KKK only existed in the U.S.!

Go home and do your homework, boy!  

This guy’s also full of it.

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Sino-Japanese Relations

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Just forget about them

Just forget the damn japanese already.  chinese people need to move on and concentrate on your domestic development, social and economic progress,and stop making our race look silly on CNN and international media.

By throwing rocks, and what not at the japanese soccer team really does reflect badly on me too (as an overseas chinese).

hating them does not do anything, except giving you and me a bad name in international community.

you can channel this energy into more positive things, like passion to excel in electronics, so that one day, made in china, is more valuable than made in japan.  and that chinese immigrants one day will not be considered as pest, but considered as people with money, or expats, the status now held by white expatriates.

at the moment china's position is not too strong yet, so a conflict with japan, will only take away their investment and indisputably, chinese people will suffer, jobs will be lost, and economy will be hurt.

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To Icelander et al.

... Ta1wanlover, Meln88, Jimoinj, Mr. Richard Gao and other moderates,

You and I are all TRAITORS to the sacred Motherland!  Why?  Because we are willing to forgive the Nips and move on.  

So expect some heavy bombardment from the KKK of China for "defending" Dai Nippon.

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to aragorn

"Because we are willing to forgive the Nips and move on. "

it's not about forgiving, it's about doing something positive about it.

For example if somebody murders your family, and he happened to get away with it (not in jail or on death row), and you feel so humiliated, and that it's soooo unfair, and you want to get even.  Which is the situation of China today.

Supposed you can do two things:
1. you can kill the bastard, and go to jail.  Or you can stalk the person, sometimes throwing rocks at his house, and you will waste your time, waste your energy, and thus you can't do anything else and remain a mental and economic wreck that you are now.


2. forget about him for now, improve your life, rebuild your family, get stronger, buy all the companies in town, so that the bastard one day will work for you, and THEN make his life miserable.

which is the smart choice?

for me the second one.  Forgive or not that's your personal choice, all i ask is that you are smart about it.

For example, if i am openly hostile towards japanese (i am an overseas chinese), do you think i can get a job in japan heading up a company with 90% japanese in it?  Before long i'd have a riot in my hand.  And if i didn't get this job, whose loss is it?  the japanese or my own loss?  What you feel towards japanese is your own personal thing, and you have your reasons to feel that way, just don't drag the whole race and country with you down due to bad publicity.  Be smart.

hope i make myself quite clear.

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Smart move, Richard.  That's the way to go!

But as for me, the best move is to forgive them (but never forget, of course).

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Post time 2004-8-17 21:41:33 |Display all floors hard to find a word with them

They are not only trying to forget the history...but to rewrite it in their textbooks. Any nationality that wants to get rid of their own history can't be a great one. Germans did much better I think.

When People's Republic was in poverty, the Japanese has loaned quite a sum of money. But in recent years they charged it all back with all the Japanese products. They are really tough to front. They're mean really.

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