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why hate the Japanese?   [Copy link] 中文

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Pearl Harbor?

C'mon.  No one has forgotten that, but we have moved on.  I don't know any Americans who still hate Japanese people for that.  I had two close friends die in the World Trade Center, but I don't hate all Muslims or even Saudis for that - and a lot more Americans died in that attack than in Pearl Harbor.  

Life goes on.  Holding a grudge against Japanese people only hurts you.  It does nothing to hurt them and certainly does nothing to correct the historical wrongs done to China.  Yes, it's terrible that Japan has never faced up to or atoned for its crimes.  But hating those criminals' grandchildren is just as stupid as it gets.  About the only thing China can do to fix this is to make any visting Japanese official visit the museum in Nanjing.  Fanning the flames of nationalism, hatred or victimhood will never get you anywhere.  It has never onced helped a country and never will.

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Falshcom is so callow. He/She needs to think before talking.

And could someone please take this dumb crap of "I hate the whole lot of future generations because the soldiers in the last century killed my gramps" away

Brainless stereotypes.

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To: arogen


Japan may send Astroboy (Atomu) and annihilate the People's Liberation Army! So better think twice before declaring war on Japan! ha ha ha

What you mean by writing this, if you are not Japanese ( denied by yourself, ), then you must be chinese traitor, anyway, time will prove everything, for us that are still young, and the group are growing larger, our greatest  faith are to see the Japanese dieing out by itself, or to give a war to clear it out from the earth will not be a bad, I think within 30 years we can get enough strength to eliminate the 倭寇, and then I still can cut some by myself.

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Pearl Harbor

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Japan continues to keep a promise with Deng Xiaoping. (Chinese people do not kn


It is too long to read every sentences.
Please read the section 3-2-A which is the most important.

3. Japanese Economic Cooperation Policies for China  
-2. Future direction for Japanese economic cooperation
- A. Japanese economic cooperation to date

"China embarked on its Open and Reform Policy in December 1978, and requested the provision of yen loans in 1979. "

Deng Xiaoping started a new plan in 1978 and Japan continues to keep a promise with Deng Xiaoping still now.

Perhaps, Chinese usual people (especially young people) do not know the history of Japanese economic cooperation to China.

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Wow. You guys really hate Japan.
Do you distinguish the current Japanese government, people and militarism at war time? or hate them all?

I personally don't think that Japanese people hate Chinese. I know there are some people do so, but that's not the main stream. We also have those people for Korea, US, and some minorities in Japan. not mainstream.  

Have you guys ever had Japanese friends or read regurally Japanese newspaper or magazines?? Japanese don't hate Chinese. I am sure if Chinese National team come to Japan, they won't get same treatment which Japanese team had in China.

Some people mention about beating Japan. Why care Japan? The real victory of China is that all the people enjoy the high standard of quality. isn't it?  I hope China will achive that soon.

I am new to this website. hope we can have a good discussion.

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Loving Kindness

There are good and bad japanese. The bad japanese who committed actrocities are dead and gone.They are probably weeping and crying in hell for the crime committed during world war two.

Let's us not hate the japanese descendants for the crime their ancestors committed. Let us just remind them that the pains suffered in the hand of their ancestors is unforgetable and unforgivable.

On this score,  the japanese descendants who are not guity of the crime committed should learn to be humble and ensure that such things is not repeated again.

The Chinese on the other hand, should spread their loving thoughts and not to say or do anything bad against Japanese.

We should make peace not war, and we should remind and advice, not hate.

Hatred can not be ceased by hatred, hatred can only be cease by loving kindness.

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