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why hate the Japanese?   [Copy link] 中文

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I found that some of my students say they hate Japan. Can you tell me why they hate Japan? Can you also say where you are from and what you think of Japan? Thank you!!

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My Reply

This is my previous post from another thread:

Good and bad people exist regardless of race or country. However, I believe that the Chinese (I am one, by the way) has a strong bias against the Japanese because, as far as I know, the Japanese government has never officially apologized for its atrocities, they only “hinted” on it, though. They even “deny” their atrocities by their attempting to revise history textbooks.

In addition, their Prime Minister continuously provokes the Chinese (and the Koreans and others) by visiting and paying homage to their war criminals at the Yasukuni Shrine.

If the Japanese government is truly sincere and repentant, it would officially apologize and build a memorial in honor of Chinese (and others) victims, similar to what the Germans did for the Jews in 2000, and there can be no more denial of what has happened in the past. Then I believe that this bias will naturally subside. Just my opinion.

To falshcom,
Aredhead is just asking questions and there’s nothing wrong with that.  So what are you implying?  Is the F-word the only English word you learned?  Shame on you, man.  You can get banished or removed from this forum anytime.

By the way, I am not Japanese.

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Don' t tell me you are chinese.

I don' t want to quarrel with you,because the japanese will plaudit when we have a faction.i am crude only to japanese,not chinese.aredhed is just a japanese.

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Apology is not the problem

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To Falshcom

I don’t want to fight with you either, Falshcom.

Aredhed, Japanese or not, deserves the utmost courtesy and respect for we are all human beings.

If we are rude (and crude) to the Japanese then we are no better than them.  We should not stoop down to their (Japanese war criminals) level by committing the same barbarous acts in this forum.

I remember my best friend, a Korean national, told me several times that Koreans look up to the Chinese and refer to us as "Dae-in" in Korean (or "Daren" in Chinese) -- meaning great men.  If others look up to us we should therefore act like one!

Please take my advice from somebody who’s older than you (I assume):  never forget the past atrocities of the Japanese and stop living in the past.  Put an end to this blind hatred and move on.

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Yes, lets move on

I would ask for a round of applause for aragorn for giving a calm and rational analysis on this issue. I am a not a Japanese and I am often troubled by the sentiment displayed so often in China for the hatred towards Japan. As falshcom said it clearly, “I am crude only to Japanese”, which is the typical racial tension as can be seen in many parts of the world. I agree with aragorn that building a memorial in Japan to honor all the Chinese people killed during the Japanese invasion would go a long way toward mending the relations, and I am sure it would also serve great benefit to Japan economically, and I believe this will happen, just a matter of time.

I am a Chinese living in the US and have come to know many Japanese. My personal experience were that they are peace loving people. They do remember Hiroshima, but they seem able to make a distinction between the government and the militery who committed atrocities and the other peace loving people who were born generations afterwards.

Lets move on and compete with Japan on the economic front.  We should try to beat them by building China into a more powerful country, but at the same time treat the people of Japan as citizens of the world.

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not only history

there is no doubt that the Chinese people are broad-minded people. they had forgiven Japanese almost before 1980's. Many Chinese might still dislike Japanese, but most of Chinese didn’t hate Japanese. However, from 1980’s, Japanese irritate Chinese once and once with denying war crime, revising history textbooks, allowing their key politicians  visit Yasukuni Shrine. Japanese invasion is a wound, to Chinese, which is still pain, but Japanese continue to injure it and hope Chinese forget the wound. That is why more and more Chinese hate Japanese. Japanese themselves must be responsible for this hatred of China.
Furthermore, Japanese are still hostile to Chinese in fact since they are scared of China, a country is becoming stronger and stronger. All my acquaintances who has experience of living in Japan told me Japanese hate Chinese and despise Chinese when asked the attitude of Japanese to Chinese. Chinese have reason to believe that Japanese will invade China again once they get a chance. Invasion no only took place in past but will happen in future. Distrust between Chinese and Japanese is incurable.

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