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Endless hate to japanese.( for chinese or western friends to look,japanese not t [Copy link] 中文

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I guess you are talking about the 'textbooks issue'

But how do you know what is written in Japanese textbooks? Have you ever seen one? Maybe some of the difference in historical opinion between Japan and China is due to wartime propaganda in which China tried to get sympathy from other countries by exaggerating atrocities by the Japanese. By the way, virtually every other country in the world considers Chinese textbooks to be unreliable, so should China change their textbooks too? If some people make some false claims about the Japanese, then the Japanese should be able to show their evidence (like I did now - but im not Japanese).

Many Chinese people continously attack Japanese people for past events, and try to claim that Japan is going to try to attack China - a ludicrous claim. The fact is that Japanese people want peace with China and not even the 'right wing' Japanese say the kind of terrible things about China that people on this forum say about Japan.

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I have never been myself to Japan. What I know about the issue of thetextbooks and japanese media/schools education system comes from the world press during many years.
I read chinese articles about it as well , but this info is just a layer on top of other articles by european,american and japanese authors.
This subject is not my hobby, I do not collect the names of the writers, so I am not able now to back my opinion with tons of bibliography.
I try as much as possible and available to read stories from all ponts of view.
I do think , that the subject of deep education of Japanese nation was jeopardized by those who were afraid of losing face and spine of the nation. It is difficult to believe , that all these writers (non chinese) had some special agenda to lie. I do not think that chinese ppl presenting stories can be put all to "propoganda box" as well.
What has been fucked up in the past, without proper earlier admition and wide education is deemed to surface later ( like today ) and disturb the lives of the new generations of japanese.
People , who took part in the war were afraid that if too much info would be given to the next generation - then , inevitably the sons and daughters will ask these uncomfortable questions "what were you doing THESE times ,daddy?"

I do not believe in any hidden militarism in the hearts of today's japanese. This nation has all to loose in any conflict. Japs learned , that if the efforts will be directed at the economy and military spenditures minimized to a insignificant percentage of GDP - the life of all improves.
Same for today's germans - they have simply too much to lose and few things to win. They are not any ptential agressor.

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i have to wake up temporarily from the "winter-sleep"

becaue i have to deal with a devil.

shakuhachi,wait,wait,now i am very tired,so i will write a post later.

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study hard and work hard!

now ,we are facing so many problems !  The world is changing  so a young ,we should study hard and work hard to make our country "stand up "again.OK!~
History is unchangable ,but we can make the futuer ever better!

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to those war mongers, racists, human haters who accused, attacked Chinese on CD-

"Hiroshima mayor criticises US

p>The mayor of Japan's city of Hiroshima slammed the United States, the 59th anniversary of the world's first atomic bombing which killed tens of thousands of people, for continuing to develop nuclear arms.

"The egocentric world view of the US government is reaching extremes," mayor Tadatoshi Akiba said in an address at a ceremony to mark the August 6, 1945 World War II bombing by the United States.

"Ignoring the United Nations and its foundation of international law, the United States has resumed research to make nuclear weapons smaller and more usable," the mayor said.

Meanwhile, the chain of violence and retaliation around the world showed no end, he said.

"Reliance on violence-amplifying terror and North Korea, among others, buying into the worthless policy of 'nuclear insurance' are salient symbols of our times," he said.

As the clock clicked onto 8:15am (0915 AEST), the exact time the United States dropped the bomb, those at the ceremony bowed their heads for a minute's silence in memory of victims of the attack.

Around 140,000 people - almost half the city population of the time - died immediately, or in the months after the nuclear bomb, from radiation injuries or horrific burns.

The Hiroshima bombing was followed by the dropping of a second atomic bomb on the city of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, leaving tens of thousands more dead.

06/08/2004 00:28 AEST"

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