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CD (ChinaDaily) English Club founded! (BeiJing) [Copy link] 中文

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want to join

i would like to join in your CD,i worked in a foreign company, my background is telecom,since recently IT was floundered ,i left a very famous company,so now i have a lot of time.I think we can have a lot of talks there.


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Thx for your appreciation of my recommended topic. I've noticed that you stick to Chinadaily, which reveals you have great skills and potentials. We are having guys in this club, who are somewhat experienced in oral English improvement, including me. Hope you will be showing up the coming Sunday and let us share your valuable and enlightening experience about how to improve our English.

Best regards,

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a possible CD english Club in shanghai

Hiya guys,

Well after reading this topic, I thought to myself that this is a great idea. As I live in shanghai and also want to meet new people i was thinking we could start a CD english Club here in shanghai too. I've already posted this in the shanghai section and hopefully I'll get a good response.

I dont have enough time to do all the administrative work to keep the club going so hopefully we get a few helpers in shanghai. I was also wondering, maybe the CD club in beijing could give us a few hints on how to start it up and keep in touch also.

My email

I'll appreciate any help you can give. Maybe we could use the same topics that are used in beijing? Imaging the possibilities of having both clubs linked together.... hehehe

Oh by the way, my name is Domingo and I'm a native english and spanish speaker... My mandarin is not as good, I can speak but my reading and writing is at the level of a first grader hehehehe...

Hope to hear from you guys

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appreciation and ideas

As one of the coordinators of the BJ club, we will be taking your request very seriously and sharing with you our ideas soon. There should be thousands of English clubs throughout China 'cause China is integrating itself into the world at a fast pace but we are still in lack of personnel who can speak and understand good english due to, to a large extent, our traditional English education system fails to upgrade our national practical English level......
Honestly, I am not holding that all Chinese english learners endeavor to search for native English speakers to make friends and improve their language skills.  There are not so many foreigners around us, available for your practice and improvement most of time. I also don't want the foreigners to be disturbed with their life here in Beijing. Practice makes perfect. It is most important that all of the English learners have to be practising by themselves as much as possible. English Club is just a catalyst, to help you make clear-minded in English learning. As a native English speaker, you are hoped to be of some help to our dream, to grasp a useful tool.

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Thanks for your support. I must agree with you 100% After being in a Beijing university earlier this year, helping out with their US collaboration program, I did notice that most of the students grammar and spelling was pretty good, but they definately lacked in oral practice.

As a newcomer to Shanghai (arrived last year around august) I am trying to make new friends and I want to help the new generation of chinese people to develop their english to a high standard. It's not always easy for local chinese to learn by themselves so when I read your topic, I really got motivated in doing something where those who wished could get together and become friends. I also believe that getting similar age groups together will make chinese students more comfortable in making new friends.

As you pointed out, we cant accomplish this by ourselves and need more native english speakers to participate and create an atmosphere where the discussions can be lively and very fluent.

Just on a side note, if the shanghai CD club does pick up (i'm considering to spend more time in it and be on the committee) we could also lay out a structure, where if there are more people interested in starting CD clubs around china, we could send them a guide and things that need to be done for a successful CD club.

Just my 2 cents...


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need your help.

if i want to raise a question,what can i do .我想写新的帖子,该怎么做??thank you in advance

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cannot finish,really, sorry!

Thx, Domingo, for your immediate reply to my ideas about Chinese English learning.
Though it is three o'clock after i finished my daytime office work and worked extra hours late night for my management skill improvement, I feel, beyond your imagination, compulsory to answer your message.
I've been working overseas at a Chinese Foreign Mission for more than 4 years in a country, which is economically far behind China.  However, the popularity of English in the capital, since i live most of time in the capital, is much better than in Beiing. Taxi drivers, gym instructors and hotel attendants can speak good, even better-than-you English.Sometimes when i was flattered by some new foreign friends:" I never expect a Chinese  can speak such good English!", I feel really terrible. I was a diplomat and I felt very shameful about the disdaining opinion of the foreigners.
Let's work together to improve the English level of the Chinese!
Too late and too tired to have my brains work properly. Afraid of any wrong and inappropriate opinions, I would rather stop tonight. Indeed I perfer talking with guys on the phone, but not mobile phone, instead of online so often.
Good night, otherwise, I will fall down onto the flooring and wake up some time in the middle of the whole day.
Good night, really.


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