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Your best and worst chinese food you have tried. [Copy link] 中文

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The chinese cuisine is one of the reachest in the world. The foreigners have their eyes pop out and frequently do not believe what can be put on tables in China.
I am so much interested in trying different styles that I can hardly remember any other "long nose" who would be that brave in these coulinary advantures.
The spicy Hunan food is one of my favourites, I'm not so much fond of the shanghainese one. Too sweet for my taste.
The one of few dishes where I found my border was a coctail of snake's bile and blood.
What is the best and the most elegant way to talk your chinese friend out of persuations on taking such stuff?

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Best & Worst

The best is Cantonese cuisine and the worst is the stinking rotten tofu which the Taiwanese love to eat.  Yuck!  Just thinking about it makes me... want to puke!

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I only know the main food i have lived on which we grows as what we consumed

hehe, it is bad thing for you to change a diet into another one you are not accustomed...

i think people are addicted to the food,his or her mom or grandma cooked for him or his for decades,with a certian taste and nice feeling.

I hate to eat alot of noodle and pancakes here in Beijing, I can't live out a soup supplied as i enjoyed the fried rice or  rice covered with some mixture.

all my life is rice,we grow it and we are a reaper and store the rice grain which can satisfy our needs for the following years.we drink tea like drinking water in quantity

Soup soup, i need it, i hate oily ,greasy or even spicy food, i think i m inclined to eat as a buddist becoz my grandma who cooked for me in my earlied age is a genuine worshipper of buddas. On the first day and 15th day of eech month, we can not eat any oily thing the theole day,but some slight salty vegetable and fried bean,or porriage always a regualr in the moring with salted bambooshift.  I visited some temple before in my town while eat as what buddist shoud eat,some are wild weed,but cook well in a special ways.

last weaken, i visited  Guanghua shi Temple ---Not "yonghe gong "----on the one side of Houhai,help clean some dirt with a splash of my palm,there will be more big event gonna be held there.go and take a look ,if you can enjoy a meal in a temple that is precious experience

Now i m a little rich.becoz my parents came back, They want me and taken me away from a heavenly village to learn international competion with foreign face and encourage me that,  where ever you would earn a seat to go i will surport you..   Firstly, i wish i can come to some different cities in China and have some foods in comprision,becoz i cooked sometimes

About food, Fukien special contribution of food and snack called as Ming cai,normally can find  in Xiamen,close to Taiwan favor.< Mazhu temple link fuzhou and Taiwan STRAIT

About BEIJING FOOD,or Food you eat in Beijing.

haha, i swere i have never wantted to eat chicken in shape before hatched in an egg and fried on the pan.

andChang: the worm of the pect which produce silks to make a cocoon.

They are lovely pet worm for me to raise with Sanye tree i grow...I m like a mom of the worm,count how many times they have skins off and group larger and longer,and smooth their skin and see strong legs

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I love Guangdong cuisine

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and meat dumpling

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I don't know what it was.....

My family in Chongqing introduced me to many things. One, which I have no idea what it was, tasted and felt terrible!!!!

The best.. HOT POT!!!! So many variations of Hot Pot from each family favorite style to traditional. I now have three hot pots that I use.
Pork with szechuan Pepper Corns (Whua Jiao) and any Ma La Tang ( Hot, spicy, and numbs the tongue).
So many kinds of stirfry.... I now have hundreds of recipies.  
   I'm like a kid in a candy factory. My greenhouse is now full of all kinds of goodies.

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best and worst

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