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aloha123 2016-12-10 13:54:56
So Sunny, is that your real English name. Will you talk to me?

How many kids do you have, just wondering.
franciscaesl 2016-3-31 12:00:34
if you r seeking teaching position , contact me w
1584austin 2015-11-11 03:20:33
Sunnylin, hey why do you not add some information about the pic's you post.
I just thought of posting a thread about Castles around the UK checked first found you have posted one. However there is no information about them, how much more interesting it would be with this information!!!
jarryxzs 2013-4-7 11:37:33
jarryxzs 2013-3-28 10:49:33
jarryxzs 2013-3-28 10:48:58
sunnylin01 2013-3-22 11:28:31
thank you
WhiteBear 2013-3-22 10:12:49
sunnylin01 : Please notify me before deleting my post. Even as a moderator, you shouldn't abuse   your power to arbitrarily delete anyone's post. It was fresh new, no discussion below, and it was doubled thread, that was previously posted by another person. I tried to merge it with the older one (I usually do it), but due to technical reasons it haven't worked. OK, I will notice You before deleting in that kind of situation. ...
Beteleguse2013 2013-1-26 11:34:12
Chinese people are no different to any other, as soon as people everywhere stop thinking of themselves as being different, MAYBE they can stop killing each other!
Angela0306 2012-11-28 21:37:48
Are you a student or..?
Angela0306 2012-11-28 21:34:53
Yeah,I know. But she has ever joined the University of Chicago medical center, and as chairman.So we can also regard her as a leader maybe...Besides,I am sorry that I changed my presentation at last.My presentation was on Steve Jobs.Because I watched some documentaries and speeches of him on PPs by chance,and he impressived me so much.He is a igenius.He is arbitrary.He is domineering.He demands perfection and also leads the technological revolution.PC,The ipod,The ipad,The iphone...And his inven ... ...
sunnylin01 2012-11-26 15:24:42
Hi, isn't Michelle Obama the wife of US President Barack Obama? She is not a famous leader or a successful businessman.  
Angela0306 2012-11-24 11:03:05
Hello.My name is Angela.I'm a fresher in Northeast Normal University,majoring business English.I'm interested in listening to music,travellling and playing instruments such as guitar,paino.My dream is to be a interpreter and I know it is challenging for me now.However,I hold the idea that 'No pains,no gains',and I believe I will realize my dream by working hard. I want to make friends with you because I think it is useful for my english studying.It is also my pleasure if you can give me some s ... ...
VERABABY 2012-11-16 11:04:04
Hello....nice to meet you here, I am Miss Vera, I came across your profile at this site and  became interested in contacting you, I wish we can move on to know each other for i will love to be a friend send me an email at ( for me to send to you my photos and tell you more about myself.
狠狠爱 2012-11-6 20:22:57
hi ,i want to make friends with u .do u have QQ.u can add me ,my qq is 360821038.   wait u   tks
狠狠爱 2012-11-4 20:24:03
hi ,i want to make friends with u .do u have QQ.u can add me ,my qq is 360821038.   wait u   tks
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