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  • montana road kill bill Reply
  • the world of warcraft and the us army Reply
  • what does it all mean Reply
  • i'm back baby Reply
  • daaaaWhat's on your mind... Reply
  • DUESH BAGGERY ABOUNDS. it is my mantra . it explains a lot about people and the reasons they are the way they are. if a person is a db i find it makes me happy not to change them. Reply
  • daaaa Reply
  • I am NOT AFRAID TO FAIL. in failure i learn. but i am honest MY ego IS  my alter ego ... and it is hard to tell us apart. Reply
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  • bend girder Reply
  • i bend giters Reply
  • People of Walmart - Music Video What's on your mind... Reply
  • google war drives Reply
  • with great power comes a great electric bill Reply
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my infatuation with open source microcontrollers and their contribution to the H 2013-01-15
 it is a very simple concept .slavery without brutality. but the implementation thus far is in-elegant . i personally blame the war in the world ...
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nyc police spy on muslims 2012-02-24
yes they did probably still do. it was typical short sighted myopic thinking and the involvement of the cia makes it illegal. how do you prosecute the ...
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am i the only one that has a love hate relationship with microcontrollers? 2012-02-19
like a year ago me and microsoft  had a parting of the sheets.i had accidently left it so that the free version of visual basic could install upd ...
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football 2012-01-03
the whole world calls soccer football but not the us and maybe some others but i dont know wich ones ,but its silly and sloppy .  people cant eve ...
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progress 2012-01-02
electronic slavery .i personally am divided on the subject ,when you use a robot to do a man or womens job you take that job from them forcing them to ...
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