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  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1965 Year 11 Month 8 Day
  • BirthplaceUnited States Massachusetts
  • ResidenceUnited States South Carolina
  • Graduate schoolPh.D. in Computer Science (Security) and also a physician. Postdoctoral studies in Chinese medicine as well.
  • EducationDr.
  • ProfessionComputer Security Professor
  • Making friends purposeTo share, to learn

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Mourning and a sense of renewed purpose 2014-07-30
If you have not read it yet, please read this earlier entry first. August 1, 2014 will mark the one-year anniversary of my brother's death. That wa ...
(3250) readings|(0) comments
Just a short note 2014-03-31
Hi everyone! I'm back! I was not able to access my account for quite some time, but I'm back and still studying Mandarin for the HSK. I'll post more ...
(5174) readings|(7) comments
What to do when things do not go as planned... 2013-08-30
"Expect the unexpected." That rather odd quote (how can you expect something if it is unexpected?) contains a great deal of wisdom. Make sure that yo ...
(13356) readings|(5) comments
Steps toward reaching a goal 2013-06-15
In previous blog entries, I have discussed how to set goals (English) and a bit on how to help make sure you are making progress (Chinese). In th ...
(8490) readings|(10) comments
Setting SMART Goals 2013-06-07
I've written several blog entries about making progress toward goals, having help achieving goals, and persevering in pursuit of your goals, but I've ...
(12764) readings|(5) comments
Working without a net - Learning Chinese 2013-06-06
In a previous blog entry,, I talk about trying to learn Chinese alone. In English, the phrase "work ...
(5194) readings|(2) comments

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Sebin50 2016-4-3 08:10:51
My name is sebrina i from London i have something to discause with you please contact me
seclusive 2014-4-13 13:26:18
Alice-Xu 2014-4-1 14:45:23
querist: Hello, lovely lady. I'm happy that you added me, but I would like to know why you added me. :-)
   just as your purpose:to learn,to share,mine is to learn from u! 2013-7-12 16:09:26
querist: A few.      Why?
u know many different languages.thats so cool.i love learning languages.i adore the people can say many languages 2013-7-11 19:02:18
Excuse me,how many kinds language you can say?
tonywang123 2013-6-15 23:36:55
I want to know how you are  both a computer major and a physician?
Angela2013 2013-4-26 13:37:48
hi,how are you
hongjing.jiang 2013-3-22 10:20:48
hello , i am a new member here .
narnia1004 2013-2-10 10:28:03
querist: 春节快乐,我的朋友!
narnia1004 2013-2-10 10:27:56
querist: 春节快乐,我的朋友!
narnia1004 2013-2-9 20:31:42
querist: You are a beautiful young lady. That is a very nice picture. I have a son who is about your age.   
narnia1004 2013-2-7 23:14:04
querist: My QQ is 1925459625 and my skype name is querist. I will not be at my house until late tonight, so I will add you tomorrow.

By the way, that is a ver ...
yes,it's me
narnia1004 2013-2-7 21:20:01
hi ,please add my QQ13555971874,my msn is my skype narnia1004
querist 2013-1-20 05:54:05
Jade, you just need to use it and be willing to make mistakes. It's hard for an adult learner to be willing to make mistakes. I want to tell you a funny story that really happened to me. I was talking with a Chinese colleague (who is a very pretty lady one year younger than I am) and I wanted to say to her "如果我不明白,我可以问你。", but I accidentally said “如果我不明白,我可以吻你。” :-) Fortunately, she has a good sense of humour and she is a very good friend. She laughed and corrected my ... ...
jade2013 2013-1-18 10:15:38
Thanks very much . I like English very much ,always I've never give up .but still now ,My English is not good ,my friends said:Jade, you say English is Chinese English ,I'm sad.
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