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  • What's on your mind... Reply
  • Putting an end to the wars so the bankers can control the world has to be top priority. Reply
  • The protesters are demanding an end to Wall Street fraud, the end to corporations and bankers controlling governments, and the end to all wars. Reply
  • War clouds are on the horizon. The only thing standing in the way is the Occupy Wall Street movement that is growing in western countries particularly in the US and Britain. Reply
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Comment on “Time for the cash cows to find new growth pastures” Published in C . 2012-11-06
Normal 0 Comment on “ Time for the cash cows to find new growth pastures” Published in China Daily Updated: 2012-11-02 08:50 ...
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Native Rights 2012-02-18
Native Rights The rights of people to retain their culture and languages are or should be the most basic of all human rights to be protected. C ...
(3108) readings|(0) comments
HELTER SKELTER MNN. FEB. 14, 2012. This is the culture of the invaders to Great Turtle Island. Gold has an objective value. Paper is a mortgage ...
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What is the penalty for testing positive for marijuana in China? 2012-02-02
BEIJING - Chinese actor Zhang Mo, son of noted movie star and director Zhang Guoli, was arrested Monday for taking marijuana, Beijing police said Tues ...
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aisha12345 2012-11-22 07:38:32
blessing50 2012-4-18 06:59:08
Hi i hope fine? am Miss Blessing, My Dear i was in this site today looking for a better relationship then i First saw your profile i took interesting to know you,contact me ( I promise to add my picture to you as soon as i receive your reply in my mailbox thank am waiting to read from you
philo09 2012-3-24 05:07:16
Wow, so many. It is even worse than I suspected. A few of them are very obvious.
vanwilder 2012-3-22 00:30:41
trolls for hire= cestmoi, seneca, green dragon, LCSULA, Lono_Sainoa, JFenix, bandito, Alex2010, verdane, doberman, st george, Revolutionar, africanking, vincent001, scrotymcbugerba, exported kiwi, messi30
greatzhang 2012-2-14 04:09:43
yes,it's strange in our country,you know,everyone has the right to freedom of opinion,if they delete what we write with specific purpose,we will use the law as a weapon
philo09 2012-2-14 04:00:24
I am experiencing censorship problems evidently due to criticizing capitalism which seems strange in a socialist country.
greatzhang 2012-2-14 01:25:46        hopefully you can get more information by those websites ...
greatzhang 2012-2-14 00:51:14
i can't add you as a friend,there is a problem "Waiting for verification"
philo09 2012-2-11 15:25:27
There are some good posters, but also a lot of childish nonsense. Good some days, very poor other days.
greatzhang 2012-2-11 13:20:27
Hey,john...this website is good
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