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  • A man's work is from sun to sun BUT a mother's work is never done. Reply
  • "Those who have the ability to help have the responsibility to help." Reply
  • To enjoy life is to accept whatever the day brings.  It's your choice and decision to make it good or bad.  Happy Valentine's Day! Reply
  • "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." Reply
  • . . . is thinking how to be productive today. Reply
  • . . . is enjoying the holiday with friends and family visiting. Reply
  • I am excited and happy for two things . . . my baby's coming and my first special Spring Festival. Reply
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Discipline without spanking or Shouting! 2013-05-27
I had been teaching young learners, young adults and a few adults for more than seven years now.  I teach on and off the classroom or online clas ...
(7331) readings|(46) comments
An Old Poem 2013-05-27
I'd been thinking of you the whole day Wondering what you're doing Wondering who's with you Wondering who are you talking to. Are you happy, sad ...
(6180) readings|(0) comments
I Don't Like To Participate 2013-05-26
Just a few minutes ago I was reading and reading and looking at some posts here in chinadaily forum.  I was disappointed after reading some respo ...
(5400) readings|(3) comments
To Make A Difference Make It Happen 2013-02-10
       It’s the second month of the year. How do you do? How’s life been to you? Every month counts in preparing for the futur ...
(5663) readings|(13) comments
Few Hours Left 2013-02-09
     Chinese New Year is just around the corner.  I thought we are so ready for the New Year's Eve celebration.  Well, well, ...
(6957) readings|(4) comments
Not The First 2013-02-08
     Honestly, I want to share to you that I love to share my thoughts in any way I can.  This is not the first time I blogged in ...
(7439) readings|(14) comments

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╰__赵侨___。 2013-8-25 14:32:51
where  are you  from   my  friend
US president 2013-6-22 21:58:55
Hello my friend
vincentswchan 2013-6-18 00:10:52
how are you?
could we chat?
magnumlea 2013-5-28 20:54:10
I hope you had a great day.
yuluoxin93 2013-5-28 00:12:22
Good midnight.I am tired and must sleep now See you tomorrow
magnumlea 2013-5-24 20:43:08
Thanks. It's really great to be back.  
youknowhat 2013-5-24 18:34:39
magnumlea: Peter. I just want to let you know I have uploaded my baby's photos already. Hope you're doin' great!
hey hey good to hear from you & welcome back!
magnumlea 2013-5-22 20:47:16
Hi friends. Sorry the baby pictures are late. It will come soon. I'd been very busy and recently has been confined but I am okay now and hopefully be active here again. =)
crdw123 2013-4-17 15:24:38
Recently busy what, don't write blogs?
youknowhat 2013-3-16 01:28:21
hey you & how's ev'rything...cant wait to see your new baby! bye for now. Peter
anira0 2013-2-26 23:02:48
Hello Dear
My name is Anira ,I write to you to let you know that i am interested in you,therefore i will like you to write me back so that i will tell you further about myself and send you my picture for you .I will be waiting for your reply. my  mail box( wish you all the best for your day.
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