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卢小卢 2014-4-4 11:42:53
lostalien: hi

thanks for posting on my thread about Fuzhou. are you in FUzhou city?

happy new year
Yes. I've been here for over one year. ~`Nice place.
lostalien 2013-6-6 14:11:03
hi i have added you :)
ysnowkey 2013-6-3 23:15:37
I'm looking for an English native speaking partner to teach each other as exchanged class by improving our language skills together. I teach you Chinese, and you teach me English. The background of mine includes over 2 years exchange class experience of teaching a foreigner English, very good and standard Chinese accent as native Chinese speaker, and kindness and patience for teaching. I'm a girl living in Beijing, contact me by: Email: QQ: 93609171 ... ...
lostalien 2012-10-30 08:34:42
haha no. it is symbolic. it meant that this is what I think of the construction quality of housing here in China
sunflower_girl 2012-10-25 00:03:57
Do you like LEGO?
camella99 2012-10-22 12:25:07
Hi Dear i am very happy to contact you My name is Camella West, i am a young decent,responsible,God fearing and intelligent girl studying medicine in university,. looking for a reliable and trusted, honest person., I believe we can get acquainted, so if it interests you, please reach me back here for further communications. I stop here awaiting your responds. Please get back to my email box ( so that I will send my picture to you and tell you more about my self, A go ... ...
lostalien 2012-9-25 12:58:42
hope all will have a great holiday!!! be safe.
lostalien 2012-8-15 16:42:05
yes and even though i liked it at first. i have to say i'd like to get home

how are you recently?
alicebrooke 2012-8-15 16:24:38
Is this your first visit to planet Earth?
lostalien 2012-7-28 10:06:47
yes I do. could I have yours please?
monicavanceinfo 2012-7-27 10:19:39
lostalien: me 2. do you use qq?
Yeah,I use QQ.And you?
lostalien 2012-7-19 09:28:25
yea my family is in the states. however, i also have a 4.5 reflector at my mom's house. I am going to try to bring it back here but its kinda big.
Ratfink 2012-7-18 17:46:41
lostalien: yea i saw some but i wouldn't buy any optic without inspection
If you have contacts in the USA the ETX90 series are fantastic value for under 500 USD.  With scopes in most cases you suck it and see as you can't properly test the opitics unless it's at night, in near perfect skies and you are experienced in optical testing and interpretation.
lostalien 2012-7-18 15:55:59
may i have your qq number? :)
monicavanceinfo 2012-7-18 11:02:25
lostalien: me 2. do you use qq?
monicavanceinfo 2012-7-18 10:59:56
lostalien: me 2. do you use qq?
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I dont know why but lately just seems that technology and applications on the internet are really outdated. Someone needs to create some new applicati ...
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