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hmm1234 2017-1-4 23:58:17
honestly, i have no future plans as of now...i was going to go to china, but that is being delayed indefinitely...i do still want a lifetime visa, though, do you think you can get me that?. ...but frankly, i don't know if i want to randomly teach people anymore in this lifetime....people are too stupid...i get nothing tangible from what i least i want happiness in return....but if you teach stupid people, what you get is i will not do that anymore....well, i actually alre ... ...
hmm1234 2017-1-4 18:46:46
i won't go to the american sites anymore either. i'm leaving it all behind.
hmm1234 2017-1-4 18:46:27
i do miss you when i leave here :( but i come to terms with it for lack of choice :/
hmm1234 2017-1-4 18:45:09
ok, i think that's it. just had to say that. i'm getting ready to go back to my offline life. ...
hmm1234 2017-1-2 19:38:11
Otherwise, if you're okay with me leaving, good luck! Keep in touch, okay? Bye.
hmm1234 2017-1-2 19:37:07
Don't make me feel guilty for leaving sheesh. I'll tell you what, you want me to do something that's hard for me, I will first ask you to do something that's hard for you. If you really need me to stay here, I will consider it, on condition that voice-cd (the one that I like, I'm sure you know who you are) contacts me directly on wechat. If you ask me directly, giving me your name and position, I will consider staying here and helping you. This is just to ease my conscience, better sleep at nigh ... ...
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