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  • My eyesight is getting worse,oh no……God,save me Reply
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  • Birthday1996 Year
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  • ResidenceChina Jiangxi
  • EducationHigh school
  • Making friends purposeHave fun here and improve my English at the same time

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Ayumi Hamasaki (9) 2012-01-22
2007: New Single On May 16, 2007 it was announced Ayumi Hamasaki's new song, glitter, would be used in a commercial for "Zespri Gold Kiwi". The f ...
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Ayumi Hamasaki (8) 2012-01-22
2006: Secret era Main article: Secret (Ayumi Hamasaki album) Hamasaki's thirty-ninth single Startin' / Born To Be... was released on March 8, 20 ...
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Ayumi Hamasaki (7) 2012-01-22
2002–2003: A Ballads and Rainbow era Main article: Rainbow (Ayumi Hamasaki album) Main article: A Ballads The release of "Free & Easy" in Ap ...
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Ayumi Hamsaki (6) 2012-01-22
2007: A Best 2 and Tour of Secret era Main article: A Best 2 Main article: Tour of Secret On February 28, 2007, Hamasaki released two compilat ...
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Ayumi Hamasaki (5) 2012-01-22
2006: Secret era Main article: Secret (Ayumi Hamasaki album) Hamasaki's thirty-ninth single Startin' / Born To Be... was released on March 8, 2 ...
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Ayumi Hamsaki (4) 2012-01-22
2001–2002: A Best and I am… era Main article: A Best Main article: I am... To round off the year 2000, the single M was released, and became ...
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1584austin 2012-1-29 05:17:46
hello. HEY reading some comments on a thread I think you should put your correct age on your profile dear
1584austin 2012-1-27 22:15:49
snowboy35 2012-1-21 15:49:41
Ronny 2012-1-20 15:43:35
Jewel·Blue: Ok,thanks.
Ronny 2012-1-20 15:35:21
Anyway my friend, if you need help, it's ok to ask, here we can chat by text any time, if you need help, just ask, no problem
Ronny 2012-1-20 15:08:41
You always choose a good pic for your avatar
Ronny 2012-1-20 15:02:25
Jewel·Blue : Yes.We can talk here. Forum is enough for me,I think. And can you help me here if I have problems? I am always willing to help, any problem any time, I will do what I can, Think I can't use mic on this forum though...., so if you need a spoken word, then we need msn, qq.....Oh I have Skype too. but prefer mic or text, webcam is too intrusive, ..... though if you want to meet my dog or cat it's ok ...
Ronny 2012-1-20 14:53:31
Jewel·Blue: I think you can give your msn to me.But I am afraid that I won't have a lot of time to talk with you
I truly only offered for the purpose of helping you, if you don't need it, that's OK, being your friend here is great enough
Ronny 2012-1-20 13:34:19
If you want to practice some time your speaking and listening, I can give you my qq or msn, but please don't give it too others, at least not without telling me first.... usually its OK, most of my friends only recommend nice people, in Sichuan I ended up with 10 extra students, all from an elder sister giving me to her little sister in high school, but it turned out OK, they are nice girls, funny too, one called me  老顽童 which is cool too. I am retired , so I am often on-line. Anywa ... ...
CVHuan 2012-1-18 15:00:18
Jewel·Blue: Your space---Homepage---Dress up(under your head portrait
) ----Customized.Then upload picture.Are you clear?
Ok, after "dress up", I choose "courtyard" as the style before customizing the background and title bar. It seems this "courtyard" style allows me to have transparent modules. Thank you for your tips, Jewel-Blue. ^^
CVHuan 2012-1-18 13:17:58
Jewel-Blue, how did you successfully make your modules (Profile, Feed,etc.) of your page transparent to the background?
aziz 2012-1-17 22:28:29
Oh thats why Manny found some new meaning in the life.Thanks god.
Ronny 2012-1-17 17:14:20
Jewel·Blue: Thank you.
You are welcome, any-time you can ask me a question
Ronny 2012-1-17 17:10:12
Jewel·Blue : But I am upset about the environment in our school.Everybody don't speak English unless when we have English classes.And personally,they can't speak E ... This makes it difficult to learn, but, it is part of the reason i made my suggestions, to give you a way to practice one of the hardest parts of learning a language. Pronunciation is another part, and is best practised with someone to listen to you. reading a novel can also help. you need to do as much as you can each day, a ... ...
Ronny 2012-1-17 16:56:45
Jewel·Blue:    Got it.
And now I am listening English broadcast .
Ronny 2012-1-17 16:51:48
Jewel·Blue : Yes.Now is winter holiday,I have time to do. You said some times I can do other things while is the movie is on,so I don't need to listen too carefull ... well, you should normally watch it as you usually would, but other times you may be a little busy, so you can have the movie on while you do other things, it will be like having people talking around you, even though no one is there. your brain will still hear it, and it will be like being on a street, you will catch a few w ... ...
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