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High-Fat Dairy May Raise Breast Cancer Death Risk For Women, Study Finds 2013-03-15
NEW YORK, March 14 (Reuters) - Women who have ever had breast cancer might want to walk away from the brie, the butter and the black cherry (and ev ...
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Exhaustion From Sleep Deprivation: Molecular Clues Discovered In Worms 2013-03-14
It's no secret that a night of not-enough-sleep makes us feel tired, stressed and all-around grumpy the next day. And now, researchers have found ...
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Bloomberg Soda Ban Ban Isn't The Only (Or Even Most Important) Soda Story Out Th 2013-03-13
Over the past 24 hours, it's become clear that the surest way to draw attention to a story about soda laws is to include the word "Bloomberg" in t ...
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Daylight Saving Time May Cost America $434 Million From Lost Sleep, Index Shows 2013-03-12
Changing the clocks an hour ahead for daylight saving time doesn't just cost us sleep -- it might also be costing the American economy as much as ...
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NYC Soda Ban Changes Seen At Restaurants, Coffee Shops As Restrictions Begin Tue 2013-03-11
NEW YORK -- At barbecue joints, coffee counters and bottle-service nightclubs, a coming clampdown on big, sugary soft drinks is beginning to take sha ...
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Rowlling 2013-3-29 16:02:41
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