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清明雨上 2014-5-9 10:05:24
Are you a Chinese studenti  interesteded in English?,If so,so do I .But my English ablity  has enormously degenerated
,how do you keep your english level after graduating many years?
ExileMick 2014-5-8 23:05:53
To answer your question, I enjoy teaching English in China. My students ages are from six years to adults. I enjoy passing my knowledge to others.

On Monday, 5th of May, the class of six years old students were unhappy when I announced that the lesson had finished. They wanted it to continue!

To have such affection from those so young is a great honour!
futsanglung 2014-4-10 06:54:15
恰同学少年: Thank you very much!Should I watch English language TV produced by the UK or the USA?
For me that produced in the UK has better English but also the English language channels available in China will also help
futsanglung 2014-4-4 09:32:56
恰同学少年: Excuse me! I come from Xian and I am preparing for IETS exam.I wonder how to improve my spoen English.
The only way to do that is to practice, practice and practice again, preferably with a native English speaker so as not to pick up bad habits from someone whose own grasp of English is not so hot. Also try watching English language TV.
mutafire 2014-4-1 21:48:47
恰同学少年: One of my freinds also come from your cuontry.He was a  overseas student in my college and he went back to your country two years ago.He told me that  ...
Which country did he go to?
mutafire 2014-3-31 22:21:18
恰同学少年: Hello guy are you from Africa?
Am from Malawi, which is in Africa, yes
恰同学少年 2014-3-28 21:15:45
Thanks very much.I am preparing for IETS exam.As you know , chinese students are all good at reading but not good at speaking and writing.I believe this is a very good chance to improve my speaking and writing ability.
DSseeing 2014-3-28 14:21:04
恰同学少年: 你好 我在校内主页上看到了你的日志。我也加入了中国日报论坛,已经尝试与老外沟通。我想请问你通过跟老外用文字沟通会不会同时也提高语言交流的能力。毕竟文字 ...
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