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does the world want peace or war,,,, 2012-04-29
talking to people through out the world,they are all like us ,enjoy talking ,sharing ideas and intrest.i beleve if you took the government out of the ...
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halimalove 2012-7-25 16:24:08
My name is Halima, i got you from and i want to have a good relationship with you, please i need you to write to my email adress,so i can give to you my picture and other infor about me,waiting to hear from you soon,( )
am yours Halima.
lostalien 2012-6-23 08:02:37 how did you end up in china,,do you plan to come back to the U S
sorry about the delay. wow 3 months. my apologies.

i ended up here in china because of a failing economy in the USA

i will come back when i can buy a house there.

retirement probably
scrotymcbugerba 2012-5-13 12:54:31
i was up  gradin my stuff  and doin somat other things im glad  U  came out allright, it is hard to make friends  heree that knows whats im talkin bout. good to know ya 2012-5-12 21:57:49
im one of those sheeps who climb out of the river and took a stand against the tearny of the agressers who try to put us they can gain papper and pile it up for them selfs,not to relize its no good to them with out folks who make it is the root for stupidity and death.
alicebrooke 2012-5-12 20:04:07
The message reply system went awry...
alicebrooke 2012-5-12 20:03:31
Will they ever get smart, in a way that no hominid species has been able to do in it`s six million year-old history. I doubt it. At the moment I can not decide whether it is sheep or whether it is humans that are the more stupider. And after the swollen river took a whole sheep down it`s course, dead, and left the remains of others on tree branches, a grisly sight indeed, it only takes a short leap of imagination to see the human carnage at the end of this stupidity. I say to them: "Enjoy y ... ...
alicebrooke 2012-5-12 20:01:35 : wats the world come to ,are the goverments that afraid ?of something .american government has hit list.only for americans .if your name is red ,when i ... That`s right. If things were going good for people, then there would be no need to repress and stifle. By doing so, the world economy grows less than it`s potential, and the people are forever kept down. So...there they are...going nowhere fast, no-one to lead, no ideals to achieve; the mass enabling of dorkdom. Will they ... ... 2012-5-11 20:19:52
i was wondering ,hope things are going good,wat kind work do you do
snowboy35 2012-5-11 11:29:55
hi,i been for work out of my area.
alicebrooke 2012-4-28 17:32:17 hello alice how are you today
How am I today? Contending with cool north-easterly winds. You? 2012-4-16 23:53:04
i doing good im interested in all space,,,,there is so much out there,,i like the science of atoms ,,i think we could visit other places,,if the world put the effort ion it ,no country a lone could do it .could you imagine the power of a world effort to visit beyond our space,,they rather build bombs and fight wit each other,,we,ll probly destroy our selfs,,rather than secure a future for our selfss you seem like a realistic person,that wat i get from your post,that cool i try to keep it real,,i ... ...
scrotymcbugerba 2012-4-16 23:39:23
how are you? i'm good .  i'm tempted to join  your group ,but as much as space interests me stars not as much . they are so far off 2012-4-11 07:59:05
hope every one is doing fine today
snowboy35 2012-4-8 15:30:19 talk to you later ,time to take the kids to school, have a good day.
good to know you,thanks your message. 2012-4-3 19:27:52
to all have a good your best,
slash 2012-4-1 09:39:07 thats cool ,,i am a g&R fan seen them in concert in the 90,s i thought it was cool they were inducted in the rock n roll hall fame,,we all hoped the w ...
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