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  • just look back , find nothing done ,my friend tell me, this is life,what do you expect Reply
  • suddenly get pregnant,I just want to finish the rest of my job.then stay at home waiting for the baby to come to the world Reply
  • go camping with muzi this Labor Day Reply
  • please forgive me ,i have to pretend i'm okay to let you go Reply
  • 不走寻常路、只爱陌生人! 五岳寻仙不辞远,一生只爱逍遥游! Reply
  • You’re the one, who understands the way I’m feeling You’re the one, the one who never stops believing Every night who’s the one I come to, the one that I belong to So don’t worry ‘ Reply
  • erotic instruction ,love sex position ,teach you how to love Reply
  • work is always boring, i want to do something by my own Reply
  • i want to write a song for u . Reply
  • please note ,when you start to know about your own country , you are on the way of commiting a crime .(yesterday ,i posted a article on a translation site, their editor said they can not put in out..) Reply
  • you never know that he had affected you so deeply .hurt you so bad .. Reply
  • at first ,we loved someone , slowly and slowly , when you two break up  . you will find out you have become another similar person as him .and that's the only way you can let go . Reply
  • three days off work !?that's just is so amazing !do what i want do .live my life ! Reply
  • Real NameMilo.DesTi
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  • BirthplaceChina Jiangxi
  • Graduate schoolnanchang University
  • EducationMaster
  • Professiontranslator and webmaster
  • Making friends purposecommunication
  • hobbyGuitar,Learning new languages,Know new people,detective movies,Hiking,Outdoors, travelling,design,software

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go footing on weekends 2015-01-28
5 days per week for work are  a lot of pressure, So I usually go outdoors with my friends, there are many QQ groups in China on footing,I joined ...
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small knowledge 2014-09-16
1. WAS IT A CAR OR A CAT I SAW.. 'WASITACARORACATISAW'.. This is the only English sentence which even if we read in reverse, it'll give the same se ...
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12 companies that changed the world 2014-07-01
Business is the instrument that mankind has settled on to propagate change. Take a long step back and what do you see? A world of invention and unint ...
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Some Reasons Men Won't Commit 2014-06-18
Ladies, I am sure many of you have had that man in your life who just could not commit to you. No matter what you said or did, he just seems to dra ...
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what Taoism tell us 2014-06-09
I sometimes feel like I have spent the first half of my life struggling to get ahead and haven't really gotten anywhere to speak of. I'm always in a ...
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what did Woody Allen say?hear it! 2014-06-06
1. My love life is terrible. The last time I was inside a woman was when I visited theStatue of Liberty. 2. The difference between sex and death i ...
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laneferm 2014-6-7 04:57:57
米洛.DeSTi : it's been a while since I graduate from university,I'm working now,the feeling of growing up is beyond words .more responsibilities,but I'm trying to  ... What work do you do ? I have a vapor - e cig So. Calif. Was it hard getting into the university there ? I've heard they have a national exam. I've often wondered about it. They have those in US, of course, my degree was Math, what was yours ? ...
laneferm 2014-6-5 15:50:51
米洛.DeSTi: It's summer here now,hope your place is much more cool than here
    yep, its not too hot yet....usually july, august are hot...I live about 1mile from the beach, so not too bad...
laneferm 2014-6-5 04:35:42
米洛.DeSTi: It's summer here now,hope your place is much more cool than here
Its gettting to be summer here, but still rather cool. I live about a mile from the beach and work close too, so its not too bad. Are you still a student ? or work ?  
alicebrooke 2014-6-4 16:36:06
Thank you, DeSTi, for your reply to my recent multiple recipients message. A more detailed reply may follow soon...
laneferm 2014-6-3 09:59:50
Hi Des ti.....thanks for the friends are things in China ?
srabon 2012-6-17 00:41:15
hello :)
康小康 2012-6-3 14:41:21
软科学 2012-5-19 14:47:02
仰望天空 2012-5-16 12:29:37
where have you been these days?
Robert1 2012-4-28 17:55:42
Wow, that's so great for you, 3 days off!!!  I just read your post.  I know what that feels like to leave work for a few days and go home and focus on your true passions in life.  I'm far away from you, but I hope that you enjoy your free time, I understand!
米洛.DeSTi 2012-3-21 16:24:20
if i want to go away  ,please let go of your hug .
米洛.DeSTi 2012-3-20 16:42:05
aloo.Très content (E) de vous rencontrées, !
泼墨泥人 2012-3-17 19:40:59
alicebrooke 2012-3-14 18:25:40
Nice to meet you.
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