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  • I am a senior member finally Reply
  • I am tired of being a player.I need to study. Reply
  • no matter who is the guilty person, all we need is the truth. tell us why the crime can't be exposed Reply
  • another weekend passed,  I haven't travelled around . Reply
  • I used to read the news ,now I change to the comment Reply
  • some famous members add me as a friend,that makes me happy Reply
  • I don't know what happened,but the input method is faster Reply
  • how to share one article?who tell me ?i Reply
  • there is no choice .do it all my life Reply
  • get busy living ,or get busy dying Reply
  • it is a long is my fault. Reply
  • who knows  my avatar?it is funny Reply
  • they are playing cards,I am writing papers.I hope it is worth for me . Reply
  • summer is coming,I can save the money to bathroom.haha Reply
  • it rains cats and does my heart Reply
Earthquake 2013-04-24
now  I am in Xi'an,  an old city , not far away from Ya'an. we are in the office on Saturday ,I hear my colleague crying out "the buildi ...
(3230) readings|(2) comments
TED4&5 2013-03-20
the first is about charity, the man who has three kids says he is a gay, that is all I can understand he uses too much complex words, but ...
(2574) readings|(0) comments
TED3 2013-03-17 I paste the link,maybe someone will be interested in it. the lecturer is Aman ...
(2488) readings|(0) comments
what the hell are you doing for? 2013-03-13
I find some interesting things in Chinadaily. some I can understand ,some I can't. but they are funny. first ,there are a lot of liars,they ...
(3301) readings|(2) comments
TED2 2013-03-09
     the business about Coke Cole.      the lecturer is Bill's wife,Lida,the first thing I want to say is ...
(2533) readings|(0) comments
TED1 2013-03-07
1.The danger of the single story.Chimamanda Adichie. When we reject the single story,when we realize there is  never a single ...
(2740) readings|(2) comments

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康小康 2013-4-19 21:56:13
Chris.chen: i am wrong.  don't worry
it's ok    how  are u
康小康 2013-4-18 19:16:25
Chris.chen: I hear about that the flu speads to your city,take care of yourself
shenzhen?  i am in shenzhen
crdw123 2013-4-16 19:30:41
Hello friends, can you teach me how to use the blog, how to upload music files?
康小康 2013-1-6 12:52:34
Chris.chen: I am in Xi'an,an old city.and I am busy recently,are you in Shanghai?
i am working in Shenzhen , but my hometown is  Hunan,nice to meet you ~~~xixi...stranger
康小康 2012-12-10 19:22:27
Chris.chen: sure not.before I get the photo ,I get a lot of virus.have you got your job?
sure yes~~~~and u ?  u live in which city?
康小康 2012-12-7 19:21:40
Chris.chen: do you wanna see her pictures?
aha ? u have her pictures?  
康小康 2012-12-1 12:38:07
康小康 2012-12-1 12:37:49
康小康 2012-9-6 13:01:04
康小康 2012-7-19 14:22:23
康小康 2012-6-22 09:57:42
u really ......
康小康 2012-6-18 22:06:54
Chris.chen: it is not fair.Ok,you win.
[em: 4:]   
康小康 2012-6-16 18:50:56
Chris.chen: we will see.
i am looking forward to win u ~~
康小康 2012-6-14 19:25:25
My credits are higher than u now ~~~
康小康 2012-6-3 14:29:42
Chris.chen: coz so many people said my name sounded like girl's.when I had  an English name ,I heard it again.
haha~~~really ?funny
Chris520 2012-4-23 23:53:23
Chris.chen: Interrsting.
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