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The virtual feeling 2013-05-03
  All the things in life are changing constantly. Previously, I always thinking that the c ...
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Writing a cover letter to impress 2012-12-20
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Hu urges mutual China-US respect 2012-07-25
President Hu Jintao has called on the United States to properly handle sensitive issues between the two countries to ensure bilateral relations mo ...
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What exactly is the major problem 2012-07-24
today,I voiced opposition to an report by our manager on me,saying I should fulfill my responsibilities toward our company.I have made it clear to hi ...
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I love a girl 2012-05-17
A girl ,who is my classmate,is very beautiful.I love her ,but recent days,she is unwilling to chat with me.isn't it a sign that she refused me ?
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magnumlea 2013-6-29 16:18:11
US president: Hello my friend
fsg20001 2013-3-3 09:05:47
Landyeo 2012-6-24 16:24:27
US president : The blogs which you writed is very good. I found that we have something in common with each other.For it can    improve my writing skills,every d ... Thank you for your nice words . I am so happly to hear that we have something in common each other , and thank you for reading my blog every day . For the time problem , I update my blogs foy a long time , and I am so sorry to your visit on my blogs .     Hope we can improve each other here , my fri ... ...
HappyBoy411 2012-6-16 23:30:34
Hello Boy - today you take teh English Exam? Is this correct? Hope you were ready and did well!
alicebrooke 2012-6-12 17:28:06
Our message boards are out of sync, methinks.
alicebrooke 2012-6-9 17:52:12
US president : I'm a college student,who studys at Henan Polytechnic Institute.I want to learn English well,and I will take an english test band four on Jone 16\2012 ... Your English listening is probably quite good - its the native speakers of English as their mother tongue who are probably not good. Forget all that stuff. If you are bemused by it all, then so am I. Listen up! The idea is the important thing to translate. Plus some good manners and worldly knowledge, and you`ll be doing jus ... ...
alicebrooke 2012-6-9 17:47:00
US president: I have seen your message board.I really envy you for having been abroad.
I haven`t been far abroad - never outside Europe. Do you feel trapped living in the place or country where you are living?
alicebrooke 2012-6-6 17:17:46
No threads yet?
alicebrooke 2012-6-6 17:17:06
US president: Can we become good friends ?
Sure, we can become good friends. Let me check out your threads briefly....
youneverknow 2012-5-17 15:05:17
US president: You are a fetching girl,I want you to help me analysis the sentence that "The neighboring countries' decisions to not take sides on the issue sho ...
sorry to make you wait,you are right,decision is a noun,and the short sentence following the noun equals an adj,its function is to explain the “decision”,to make it clear what the decision is.hope that my explanation can help you,wish you happy
youneverknow 2012-5-11 08:51:30
US president: I'm a college student, who is a man at the age of 21.As we consider the road that unflods before us ,english is indispensable to us.I want to make fri ...
   it is  always interesting for me to make new friend
youneverknow 2012-5-11 08:34:38
US president: May I have your job ?
haha,what is your preconception about my job before i tell you
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