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  • Being parents, we should set rules for our kids to follow and also give them free space to develop themselves. 为人父母,对待孩子,须管又不管,须关心又放手,须大处着眼、长远筹谋;又不拘泥与日常生活点 ... Reply
  • On holiday and enjoy the good days! Reply
  • It proves to be the happiest thing of the world to do physical exercises with my daughter every afternoon! Reply
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Spirit Up, and Speak Out What I'm Thinking About 2017-09-25
       Up to now it has been a long time since I suspended my English writing in this blog.         It's ...
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【菲儿作文】广播稿:和我们的小学生活说再见 (附汉语翻译) 2016-5-26 18:44 ... ... 2016-05-26
  Farewell, our Elementary School   By Wang Yifei (六年级 王怡菲)             Hi, everyone. ...
(5434) readings|(1) comments
【菲儿作文】广播稿:不要草率地评价一个人(双语) 2016-05-26
Don’ t  Judge  a  Person Too Quickly   by Wang Yifei (六年级 王怡菲 )          ...
(3755) readings|(0) comments
【菲儿作文】广播稿:搁浅的梦 (附:汉语翻译) 2016-5-12 12:43 ... 2016-05-26
Forgotten Dreams (搁浅的梦)   B y Yifei Wang (王怡菲)   Hello everyone, I ’ m broadcaster Sunny Wang.  Certainly , ...
(3808) readings|(0) comments
【菲儿作文】广播稿: 合理安排日常生活,高效利用时间 2016-5-4 19:33 ... 2016-05-26
Timing Your Everyday Life  Efficiently   B y Wang Yifei (六年级 王怡菲)   Hi, everyone, I ’ m broadcaster Sunny Wang. ...
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【菲儿作文】广播稿:登泰山 2016-5-4 18:39 2016-05-26
Climbing  up  Mount Tai ( 登泰山 ) By Wang Yifei  (六年级 王怡菲) Hi everyone, I’m broadcaster Sunny Wang. I ...
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nancylove55 2016-3-18 03:04:32
hi friend my name is Nancy after
reading your profile i was touch
to write you and be your very good
friend am waiting for your urgent
reply to my Email address so that
i will give you more of my photos
and tell you all about me,
thanks and kiss,
Kabisco751 2014-5-31 21:08:03
I have published a blog about "Sierra Leone Calling for Foreign Trade  and Foreign Direct Investment".Sierra leone,Will welcome any interested   partner in fulfilling his/her Trade or Investment dreams to come true .
Regards from Sierra Leone
Kabisco751 2014-5-27 10:41:40
Hey, it has been a while not liaising .Anyway,I want to start publishing some of my articles and papers(cut across economics, trade, management, Finance,Banking etc) but will want you help me with the conditions of your Journal in terms of cost and framework.
I will kindly appreciate your kind help in anticipation
Best regards
Kabisco751 2014-5-17 14:26:11
Hi AlittleBoat'
It has been long, i s very nice to be liaising with each other as your professional profile goes a long way to enhance my research work in China.
Kind regards
inmigrant 2013-6-28 06:07:24
My name is george from El Salvador and i,m interested in growing bussiness-Pretty interesting history.i don,t know if you heard about El Salvador pretty small country but i always follow the growing process of the china culture
Iam a bussiness person
sunrainn 2013-5-31 14:10:03
Ted180 2013-4-12 01:56:35
Little Boat you are wise! My Canadian solution is perhaps too violent. There is no need to hurry. The world must put it's trust in China. I like the new President.
sweetbaby23 2013-4-6 18:51:29
Hello Dear
My name is Miss lyna
and I'm interested in knowing you and being friendly with you
is my private email (
address. I would like you to contact me back so that
you know me better and I send my photo
to you. I look forward to hearing from you, Sincerely
please do not contact me here in the site because i don't think
i will come back here on this site again
in love
loveindanelson7 2013-4-1 21:16:35
( Hello My Friend, Please do not be offended to receive this massage, My Name is Miss Lovinda Nelson; I saw your profile today and become very interest to be your friend And i have an  important issue to discuse with you. Please contact me directly on my private email address ( that will enable me to explain my self to you and then we will move from there, Please contact me urgently on my email ID. Arrange my email address an ... ...
anjinsan12 2013-3-25 23:32:05
Hello little boat, i have a question for you.As a researcher on cross-culture communication, do you think it feasable for a 68year old to learn to speak passable chinese in a resonable amount of time?
Beinsi 2013-3-19 18:26:51
i havn't experienced your past life! you let me know what my parents' past life is!
millytheblueday 2013-3-17 05:14:09
ALittleBoat:      no need to apologize. it seems i failed to convey what i am thinking about your writings. 'thought-provoking' is a good word, indicating that ...
In that case - I am more than glad hearing it..
I hope that book will available soon in China..
Thank you..
All the best from Bosnia..
millytheblueday 2013-3-15 20:21:43
ALittleBoat : hello, my pal, i've read the shown section of your book available on the Sure, it is easy to read but thought provoking. A good rhetoric i ... Thank you for your comment and feedback.. I'm glad, and appreciate.. Rhetoric - thank you,I try :) Provoking - the last intention  - as you may conclude from all "that positive" I am trying to "adopt and share".. I'm trying too.. For anything that looks like provoking - I apologize - that is not my intention.. ... ...
millytheblueday 2013-3-15 19:31:24
ALittleBoat: Purchases from the Kindle Store are not available for your current country settings.

Change your preferred shopping site to to ...
Thank you ALittleBoat - I'll do that - hope it will work..
Thank you a lot - I appreciate your help..
All the best friend.. milovan
oncle hugo 2013-3-1 08:40:10
Learnt from you
minicbaby 2013-2-23 19:38:16
I am Minic! how are you! hope you are fine and in perfect condition of health.I went through your profile today and i read it and took interest in it,if you don't mind i will like you to write me on this ID:( hope to hear from you soon,I will be waiting for your mail because i have something VERY important to tell you.
Lots of love

      (minic26 @ yahoo dot com)
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