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1584austin 2013-7-3 05:03:42
jarryxzs 2013-4-7 11:47:12
RavindraSk 2013-1-22 10:44:02
RavindraSk 2012-12-21 14:44:54
Can 'Digest 1 ' thread be printed like column?   Could you tell me  in detail about thread marked as  'Dijest'.
faithlv 2012-6-28 09:11:04
Hello Dear,
My name is Faith.I will like be ur friend please do write me direct to my email address at ( for easy communication so that we can know each other, I will give you my pictures and details about me
victoria959 2012-6-7 21:03:23
嗨, 陆维的名字,我联系后,通过您的个人资料在真正感兴趣的,我跟你沟通,你是我的荣幸。我会非常感激如果你能写我回(最简单的沟通和了解彼此,所以,我将解释一下自己,也给你送我的照片。 照顾和有一个愉快的一天。 我等待着听到您尽快。 此致 维多利亚 ( ................................................................... Hi, I am miss Victoria by name,Is my pleasure to contact you after going through yo ... ...
adina26 2012-5-16 06:43:01
Hello my dearest one,
How are you,
  My name is miss.adina joshua am looking for a nice man  i saw your profile in this site that is  why i  contact you, please my love reply me back i will tell you more about me with my pictures. contact me through my private email addres  (

From miss adina
scrotymcbugerba 2012-5-13 12:35:00
im back not that YOU missed me ... truth be told i missed the  idea of an empowered  chineese female to call bs  on whATS I SAYS AND I THINKS .
RavindraSk 2012-5-9 19:42:07
NE_Tigress: haha, thank you. you too.
ni hao ma ? How are you ?
RavindraSk 2012-5-9 19:02:08
Wan shang hao !
NE_Tigress 2012-5-9 15:51:22
Good afternoon to you too.  
RavindraSk 2012-5-9 15:50:09
Xia wu hao
vanwilder 2012-3-25 23:43:04
trolls for hire= cestmoi, seneca, green dragon, LCSULA, Lono_Sainoa, JFenix, bandito, Alex2010, verdane, doberman, st george, Revolutionar, africanking, vincent001, scrotymcbugerba, exported kiwi, messi30, lotusfly7, Everynowhere, aki1, desperado123, grb, ttt222, soapdodgerk, wowzers, doberman, 468259058, blueskies88
snowboy35 2012-2-29 18:36:20
NE_Tigress 2012-2-26 19:41:18
It says "Let me see..."
NE_Tigress 2012-1-22 14:00:27
Sorry. I don't know what you mean. But thank you for your kindness.
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